Anyone else skipping Jarlaxle?

So I decided to try the new Jarlaxle event to see if the PvP issue had been addressed. It has not. Trophy tanking is still at epidemic levels. I swear I have a win rate of maybe 25% vs human opponents over the past few months. So I got to thinking, do I really want Jarlaxle? It’d take months of hard work just to get him to a usable state and at the same time he will dilute my reward pool and make it even harder to get the items I need/want to be competitive. Anyone else thinking of giving him the big skip?


Will all those restore around portable hole is near useless still single target he is now really weak imho anyway

I was thinking of skipping him too. For all the reasons you mentioned plus I just hit lvl 20 renown, so unless they raise that cap, leveling him has no additional incentive.


Jaraxle appears to be an interesting character but I have not seen him as a compelling PvP hero, Perhaps this will change as players continue to level him. At this point I have no desire to acquire him.

Additionally, it seems unreasonable to expect players to allocate resources for the procurement of a less than desirable hero. Nayeli can be viewed as an example. Many players did not acquire Nayeli until she was given to them by the developers.

As the developers want to incentiveise all players to spend gems on Jaraxle, I anticipate he will soon be foisted upon all outstanding players for free similar to Nayeli.


Ditto, to me the event just looks like an exhausting time sink that would be full of frustration and ultimately not worth the effort.

Do we know how many fights are in the other tiers? Hopefully they’re something more manageable like 10. I’m intimidated by tier 1 at 20 wins, and can’t imagine I’d have fun trying to win 40 to 60 battles.

I’ll also echo Mstar’s point about leveling Heros when your renown lv 20 having no real benefit. If that cap was raised, I’d be a little more enticed to try and get Jarlafkeafs, and make more of an effort to lv the paladin.

Perhaps after this event there will be another, more reasonable, way to obtain Jarksalkjefna.

A comment over on the FB post claims that past the first stage, re-tries cost gems. Now I really know I won’t bother with this event.


I’m skipping him, for all the reasons already mentioned. I hate Test Of Might with a passion. PvP is already beyond frustrating, then tack on the fact that it costs gems and you have to win 60? 70? 80 Battles? Pffft. No thanks.


Developers - “So you don’t want to spend $50 for new guy? Fine, we will make you spend $100 in gems to play a game mode based entirely on luck, with no skill, to get him. And that is, unless you call dropping trophies a skill.”

I skept it at second phase, as soon as I finished my free temptatives

Couldn’t agree more. PvP is still a joke. I’ve looked at threads for other Ludia games and the complaints are vast. It’s just a money maker and no loyalty to the players who play regularly. There had been no improvement to the battle mode in WoWd. So unless I need it for a quest I’m giving up. It is a waste of time.

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Skipping also !
First of all because it is Pvp , and i just hate PvP . So once again the game force you to go where you dont want to go .
Anyway in roleplaying term what is the concept ? Lareal ask group ( good aligned ) to fight eachother to have the privilege to have a Drow in their group ? that is very credible …
On the other my ranking is arena 2 ( minimum lvl to have challenge in your quest ) and i m between 200 and 300 score … i battle people with 2K3 score .??? what is the point ?
Once again only the elite can have acces to this content or you have to pay exorbiting price for it … ( even world of warcraft extension doesnt cost that much )
In conclusion , it is just a click bait for you to spend money

I am really close to delete that game

Hmmm was going to attempt it but a good point re diluting the reward pool.

I know paladin is a good character but I don’t want to level her - As fate would have it I keep getting her items as top rewards in lightfinger and squidface.
If I get Jarlaxie then that’s even more times that the reward will not be for characters whose gear I want to increase


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Locking a character behind a mode that is almost impossible to always go your way will generally infuriate even more players down the road. I had a guildmate quit the game once they found out news that said character was only obtainable via pvp. Nobody blames him, pvp is a frustrating rng mess.

The problem I have with the event is that once you unlock stage two, it’s back to 3 attempts and payment of gems to retry. There’s no guarantee you’ll win all your battles, unless you tanked your score or something to be placed at a lower arena to take advantage. Stage 2 still requires too many wins to… unlock stage 3, where you repeat the same exact thing but you get the sense of feeling that you can’t quit now after you wasted over 1000 gems retrying.

I’ve seen some players in battle mode throwing their matches because, well maybe they just want you to win or want to lower their score. You will not see this happening in this event. Players will destroy you without regret.

In the end, the character is free, but is it really free? No, you get a bonus, it’s called stress and frustration with a side of disappointment. To mock you, the 4th stage is locked behind VIP. Ouch.

I think, but don’t quote me on this, that if you don’t get Jarlaxle now you can get him later, albeit in another event, most probably and sadly, another test of might.

To answer the Topic creator, yes I will skip him and wait for another day. Maybe the devs will take some of the advice most players have complained about and seriously AND I MEAN SERIOUSLY tone down the requirements.

Before I end, instead of creating a topic, I feel like I should voice what I think should be a fix to test of might. There are numerous ways to do it but this is what I propose:

  1. Instead of wins make it a point system.
  2. Have another option to battle “ghost opponents”. What i mean by ghost is the system takes a random player, hopefully one you haven’t recently battled and to keep it interesting, one that has recently logged in and still be difficult to win, then like normal, take 4 random characters on that players roster for pvp, and you fight them but they are controlled by the system/bot.
  3. With #2 implemented, winning against a real opponent rewards 2 points. Winning against a bot rewards only 1 point. If possible, make defeated ghost opponents reward half as many brawl chest points or heck, none at all.
  4. Maybe limit the number of attempts you can fight against ghosts per day. Failed attempts count.

I like #2 for the following reason. It still keeps the spirit of pvp alive, you are still fighting against players, but just their ghost counterpart. It will relieve some of the stress required to complete test of might but still keep it difficult. The reason why i like fighting against bots is because… they’re not perfect.

Anyway, that was a handful, I just wanted to share my thoughts. I feel like because of this event it didn’t gather more people to want to play more, it just made more players quit out of frustration.

Great post sigma88. I agree with the concept of using ‘ghost opponents’. I recently composed a post on this specific topic. I suggested Ludia follow this tact for battle mode. Almost all other developers have beta tested various modes of PvP, which has proven ‘ghost opponent’ PvP works and is favored by players.

Additionally, many developers provide players the option to choose between different ghost opponents, with the points rewarded being based on opponent difficulty level. The player can see the reward points available for each opponent while choosing which one to battle.

The great benefit of ghost opponents is that each battle does not have one human winner and one human loser. This allows average players to win more than they lose, which is intrinsically satisfying. This would be much better than slamming players with double digit loosing streaks.

However, after nearly a year of watch the Ludians continue to unsuccessfully adapt this PvP fiasco while players loudly complain and quit, I am confident the developers will never accept this system is unworkable and the lunacy will continue.

If you unlock Jarlaxle, the pack he comes with contains 5 buckets. For me, each bucket contained between 40 and 50 common cards. It is possible that other rarities were available but I didn’t pull them.

This is far less cards than is normally awarded to a player when they unlock a new character through renown.

If Jarlaxle is ever released via renown, you will likely start with a far more powerful Jarlaxle than if you acquired him through this event.

The only advantage to getting him through this event is that you can start accumulating equipment cards for his character. This also necessarily means you delay acquisition of equipment for your other characters.

I think that a reasonable estimation of how many gems it would take to unlock him is 200 for the first stage and 300 for the second stage. As always, your mileage will vary.

I don’t see myself using him in PvP in the foreseeable future.


An additional reason to skip Jarlaxle is locked rooms. It didn’t take too long for most of my locked rooms to be Nayeli - and these aren’t resetting. I have her at level 11 right now, and I dont intend on using her, so she isnt leveling up very quickly. But I have rooms that require her to be level 17 and higher. I don’t feel like having another new hero dragging me down.


Even if I wanted too I am not able to win in the second round it took 50 fights to get the first 20 wins. 120 diamonds later no wins