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Anyone else still running into “crutch” dinos in Aviary/Library?

Feeling ya. I just got to aviary. Draco is everywhere. I’m too focused on uniques to upgrade it tho. Gonna get erlidom and dilorano and upgrade Indo, then it’s time to upgrade In g2 and draco. Best counter is too have a lot of attack, not hp, that will just increase swap in

Still don’t get why people upgrade Draco. It may be better than the unique now, but eventually the unique will be buffed to be superior (Seen Utarinex?) Besides, Monolorhino is a much better swap in creature. Woolly Rhino will spawn next week, that’s to look forward to.

The DNA is cheap, so there isn’t much to lose for how good it is. Besides, Ludia usually takes quite a while to make changes (I think Ardentismaxima was an exception).

Nothing beats the time it took them to nerf smilonemys. It’s what makes me say nothing takes the spotlight from their predetermined star of the patch. Whole player base was in an uproar about not being able to scent carbo because how strong he was. Ludia nerfs him via a hot fix… then we see blue… everywhere. It’s like Ludia doesn’t want there to be much confusion about where you spend your boosts.