Anyone else think Glythronax looks amazing?

(This is not my image or game, my JW:TG corrupted over a year ago and haven’t played since.)

I know it’s a JW:TG hybrid, but I feel like this is one of the few really good looking cenozoic+dinosaur hybrids. It isn’t exaggerated or goofy looking, it looks borderline plausible! Though perhaps it looks more realistic in its lower levels lol. I know also that JWA doesn’t have Glyptodon right now to even fuse with, but I’d really want this thing to use in the arena.

What do you guys think?
:+1: or :-1:


It looks fat like dilorach… thumbs down for this one unfortunately

I dunno. Looks like Tryko fused with Carbo.

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Looks pretty cool, but it kinda just seems like a less spiky trykosaurus. Like the colour scheme tho


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Looks like a fancy Tryko.

I like the color scheme

True, though If It ever gets added to jwa they could make It more fluffy since lythronax has feathers

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Perhaps we could have the inverse of Glypthronax. Lythtodon. It could have a Lythronax head, and a Glyptodon body :joy:.
Or perhaps it could have a kangaroo model, with Lythro’s tail, head and arms, and Glyptodon’s armour and midsection, as well as hindlimbs.

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Yikes :laughing:

Looks like the calmer and more docile brother of Tryko

Tryko + Alanky