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Anyone else think stuff in the game is hugely overpriced?

I apologise if this has been said before and please don’t mistake this for some angry rant! I’m not coming from the mindset of ‘THIS IS A DISGUSTING RIP OFF’ - more of a ‘wouldnt they sell more if they dropped the price?’

Typically speaking, for about £40-£50 (or less in many cases) I can buy a full game with a full campaign mode and online multiplayer that is being constantly updated with new patches and updates. In JWA, for around £30 I can buy 1 epic incubator which gives a very small amount of DNA. I’ve seen people complaining about struggling to get enough coins to level up dinosaurs and the advice from people was something like “wait for Black Friday, I got the £50 deal which gave X amount of coins. The £75 Christmas deal was also great.” - that’s £125 for some Virtual currency!

Not looking to start arguments or anything like that, just wondering if anyone else thinks the same.


Everyone is in a different boat.
If it seems like a disgusting ripoff, do not buy.
If it seems like good entertainment value, buy.
It’s going to be different for different people.


It’s always been.


I agree, I know lots of student friends who have things like Google Opinion Rewards, and wouldn’t mind paying a few bucks for a little ingame cash but the smallest JWA purchase is like $5+, for which they can almost buy a full-fledged game in Google Play Store (e.g. Minecraft).

It’s really not worth it for them, and makes me wonder why the devs decided to price things as they did (maybe those purchases are meant for whales and they earn their revenue from ad incubator skips and the removed ad open-supply-drop-an-extra-time [would have been handy during this pandemic, btw] for the rest of us). Other popular games like Clash of Clans have their premium ingame currency priced at about $1 to $2 for the smallest purchase size.


Unless ita hard cash or something like it, it’s a rip off

It’s always been too high.

I did the math to get my indominus to 24. It is 22 right now and I predicted that I could get 150000 in two weeks. The normal incubators in the map get you about 41, 600 coins at 17 with minimus since I just did 200, 500, 1,000, 5,000 12,000 by certain incubators. The daily missions give you about 2,000 a day along with bucks. Each week for the alliance missions you can earn 30, 375 each week along with bucks for rank 10. You can also get 5000 to 12000 to 28000 each week as a gift and the coin tourney, battle wins, ten takedowns, and donations. I don’t think coins is a problem.

Most mobile games have outlandish prices, not just this one. It’s because the targets are either young children who don’t know any better, or just as often it’s taking advantage of the diehards who give anything to have their name at the top of something.

NetherRealm for example had a mobile game based on their console game Injustice. Using your fighters required charges which each fight consumed. A pack of 10 was like $5. They regenerated once an hour, but you better believe people bought them often and in larger quantities than the $5 one for the multiplayer tournaments so they didn’t have to stop to wait.

Unfortunately it is overpriced but I have a theory that it is to balance the game. If all those incubators and dinosaur specific incubators were cheap as chips, it could possibly unbalance elements of the game hence the price. But I do think more would be sold if prices were dropped.

I would say this is true to a lot of mobile games. They’re priced far too high for what you get in return.

There’s been about one game that I’ve played which at first had some good deals, and that was Smurf Village. Then they went down the same route of expensive purchases and, well, that game used to be #1 highest grossing and now you barely hear about it.

I personally think it is to make sure people don’t literally P2W their way up, but of course with the boost sales that lasted more than half a year…

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It has no other use than to make profits. High pricing combined with gambling elements. That’s the ludia way of game design.

I did some math. Me + playing all the freaking time = still not enough coins. :crazy_face:. Coins are a problem, they likely always will be. I think though its meant to be that way to slow growth and I understand that. I have so many things though I want to level up…but just can’t. I have 2 levels on maxima just waiting to go to 25. I could take monometrolodon-whatever to probably 28+ with more coins. I have a whole army of legendary dinos waiting to be level, and multiple other uniques. I have the DNA, just not the coin and I do every event, incubator, fill every request, etc… There is just never enough coins.


I started with 500 coins at the beginning of this week and got 70,000 coins by today. Just got Indy to 23. It’s only Thursday

Tho I guess at ur level it costs more. I thot coin was a problem when I upgraded anything when I had enough coin but then I saved some and got a ton of coin this week. This is my first week trying this out and got tons of coin. I actually spent like 15 min doing the math so thank you very much. I actually underestimated it cuz I thought I was going to get 70,000 in 1 week and I did it in 4 days. Most of this I from the map Incs and some from battling along with missions. Normal missions get you 2,000 a day too.

It’s always a rip-off, the real question is whether or not you have money to basically set on fire to advance in the game.

Yeah, I am not sure how many coins I get in day. As your grow you get more for things, but there is an upper limit. Yesterday morning I was at 20000 or 30000, today I am 86000. There are coins to get, but one level increase on most of my stuff is 80000. That is doing levels around LV 23-25. Beyond that the coin cost is even more.

I feel useless if I buy incubators using euros and you want to buy using pounds sterling

I started playing the game from launch, and since I had recently decided to retire at the time I was in no great hurry to complete anything. I bought the offers that were given as I went up levels as they didn’t seem bad value. I was also vip. Then when they introduced boosts and hadn’t nerfed the rat I dropped vip and stopped buying anything other than the odd trainer pack.

Of course the stuff in the game is hugely overpriced to the average person. But to some they clearly aren’t as they seem to sell. And it’s those people who keep the game going I suppose, and who am I to judge on who spends their money on a mobile game?

Personally I think If the stuff for sale was better value they would make more money but I don’t know that for sure.

There’s no potential argument against your statement.
You’re totally right, period. lol

If you think about DNA incubators,

  • 500 rare DNA, 10 bucks (+VAT) = 1 fusion = 10-20 DNA
  • 200 epic DNA, 20 bucks (+VAT) = 1 fusion = 10-20 DNA or 4 fusions = 40-80 DNA

It’s not overpriced, it’s just a robbery :rofl: