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Anyone else think the game was better in beta?


I was excited when I heard about the new update but it has really ruined the game for me. Hardly any dinosaurs spawn in my area anymore. The supply drops have been slashed but it doesn’t matter because there’s hardly anything to shoot darts at anyway. The battles are unbalanced. I was so happy to hear that the raptors were getting a boost but they are boosted way too much. My biggest disappointment though is the number of uber-high-level-should-be-impossible-to-get-this-early power dinos.


Supply drops removed near us too and all the dinosaur spawns that we could reach from home let alone see in the surrounding streets. Gone.


Plentiful supply drops and dino spawns means more people can play the game. I don’t understand why they did this.


Its still a beta the full release will be available in June. (:
They are still testing features dont worry; if they hear the community well enough im sure they understood the supply drop removal might not be the best idea!
Wait it out for a bit until a new update is released.

The arena also just got reset to 2000 again… Im in top 300 where still numerous players have incredible dinosaur levels; its normal. Give it a few days and the ranks will probably settle. Im going up in points while my rank is decreasing left and right simply because the rankings are still settling. Sooner or later battles will be more balanced. Imo this is way better vs the OP AI. I was stuck at 2100 now i managed to climb to 2350 and steadily going up really; but still losing left and right… its not all sunshine! Give it a couple of days until a new update will release. The game can still change since its only a beta version. Other then that picking good leveled dinos vs picking rare dinosaurs is probably the best you can do really. Im slaughtering all-out epic teams left n right with just commons and rares mostly. I even won half lost battles simply because my opponent had ‘only’ 2 decent leveled dinosaurs while his other two just weren’t strong enough to withstand decent leveled ones really. Sometimes its also just a matter of luck… I lost 2 dinosaurs to a level 10 triceratops simply because of the sheer amount of stuns… I mean at least 3x stunned by minor stunning strike not counting the better stuns - lol get rekt - while both of my dinosaurs outleveled him hard. Now thats what i call smart play! Imo most battles i encounter are very fair and we outplay eachother left and right a lot of the time. Dont give it up yet! Give it a couple of days!