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Anyone else think Thor shouldn't be nerfed?

Hear me out. I understand boosts make it wild but thor plays a crucial role in the arena. It’s one of the few things that can OKHO DC before it causes too many problems, and it’s one of the few things that can stand up to a fat tryko. If thor were to get a nerf, lots of more problems would emerge. Anyone else share this line of thought?


There will always be a “Thor”.
If you nerf one dino, then a new meta will form with a new “OMG OVERPOWERED PLZ NERF” dinosaur.
You cannot achieve balance by playing games with nerfs.


I agree. And I feel ludia has done a great job at changing the meta without the need of excessive nerfs. Introduce more counters and nerf the OP creature indirectly


I think we need more counter to Thor.
If you look at the Tyrent class of dinos, then we cant fine a lot of counters to this badboy.

Im lucky enough to have this lovely unique

We just need more strong uniques and not a nerfing wave.


It doesn’t seem a nerf to me. Thor’s been overpowering long enough. The way thor used to dominate in the play will leave no room for tanks to develop in the future. Thusly, the meta will only have speedsters vs. chompers because of thor alone kill off all types of tanks. I’d for once applaud ludia for implementing the critical dmg deduction.(only if it’s not for sliding in crit boosts :man_shrugging: )

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It’s not the Dino at fault, it’s the boosts!
So a nerf to the speed boosts would be nice, but instead I am betting we will get two new boosts to contend with!
Just imagine a Thor with armour and an increased crit, because that’s what’s on the way soon :rofl:


Without boosts, Thor is a good addition to the game. Yes, it’s powerful, but quite counterable in its own right.

It’s the sbuse of the boost system that makes it OP. If you encounter a Mega-Thor with speed boosted higher than your team, it’s essentially game over.


In my opinion it’s the combo. Picture this:

Thor will always live to round 2.
Nothing can 1 shot this beast.

That means you will eat, at a minimum, an instant charge turn 2.

Then, turn 3 - BAM! - swap in that pinnacle of skill dracoratops.

Now tell me, what lives through that?


The worst part is, there is 0 penalty for swapping the rat in. His kit could literally not be any better. It’s the absolute best way to end a match - bring out full health thor, and ic/rat to win.

Nerfing dracocera will nerf thor.


It will if it has over 5.2k T1 damage :man_shrugging:

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I agree the Thor+DC combo is very powerful. That phrase I quote was weird though and jumped out at me =P

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I don’t want a thor nerf. I think the problem is so many players have a high level thor with low level counters which makes seem even more powerful then it is. Spy cripples thor but a lot of players have it at low level. Rinex and magna are also great against thor but if they are 5 levels lower they will obviously have a problem. Increase your counter dino levels and thor does not seem so out of whack.

Please dont nerf me.


I’m sorry my friend - I’m irritable today. Not your fault and appropriate call out. Please forgive me.

I’ll edit it out.

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If anything matchup wise Thor is on the underwhelming side for a unique. It’s very good, but the “Thor meta” is due to ease of access thanks to the onslaught of Sino DNA for the longest time, as well as only needing two easy to find Commons. If you play a lot of friendlies then Thor’s shortcomings quickly become apparent. This is mirrored by it being less and less of a problem higher up the ladder (opinion), once other things start catching up to it in level.

Thor doesn’t need a nerf at all, boosts do. From a 50% Stat increase to 10-20%.


The more people boost their dinos, the more people will realize he’s just fine.


I don’t have much issue with Thor. Rinex, Magna, erlikospyx, and few others can go toe to toe with it. And kill it. Even swapping in Zorion when Thor is trying to land it’s big rampage can help. And Erlidom if the cloak dodges work can take Thor out.

However, nobody uses Thor like that to go 1v1, why that’s silly. They use the boosted rat to one shot swap all counters than use Thor. By that time it’s over.

Leaving you mad at Thor’s destruction. But it was ultimately the combo with a boosted rat. That positions Thor to destroy you.

The rat can be a unfair combo with many dinos. Thor, Tryko, and even something like Erlidom/Rinex attack and swap to rat which can do two attacks before players can even react.

Take the rat away from Thors hip he isn’t that scary imho.


The problem isnt thor the problem was he was given away through both st pattys day and the alliance rewards for ever. So he became very easy to over level and thus over boost. The dino itself is fine and can be countered.

Draco is another issue altogether i liked draco when it came in for the unknown factor… added a risk reward factor in if you take the chance and try to win with a fast low health creature and hope they dont have draco . These days it can swap in and kill a full health creature and thus it limits the options we have available to us as team members and I feel it needs addressed.


I dont think thor is overpowered or boosts make him a god. Problem is free sino dna. Most of the players have thors 3-4 levels above their team average. My team is 22-24 level uniques and when i face lvl 27-28 thors , I struggle. Any other high level tyrant would make a similar effect. Imagine facing 3-4 levels higher magna , earlidom or tryko.


I don’t even use Thor. I got mine to level 26 and took it out of my team. I hate fighting it so I decided to not be part of the problem lol.

I think like @Dinocop said it’s just that people make it such a high level and then boost it too. We can thank Ludia for both of those. The abundance of sino dna for X amount of months straight then adding boost. That kind of killed the whole arena with that combination.

My erlikospyx is level 26. If I go in and distract it and then get a lethal wound I can almost kill it. It’ll have double digit health left when I die.

But some of these Thor have so much health and damage plus the critical that distractions barely phase it. But then again my dinos are unboosted.

On a bad game Thor can kill my whole team and I might get one move in. Other times I’ll be winning 2-0 and boosted Thor comes out and ends up winning for my opponent.

But also like mentioned there will always be that “Thor” being a Dino that’s ridiculous in arena. It just happened to be Thor because of all the sino we got forever on top of its high critical chance combined with boost.


General consensus in the thread is that DC indirectly causes Thor to appear busted. Shame. Poor thor was given away for free for months and the rat just causes it to appear to be a bigger problem than it is. That said, I agree. I I will be absolutely thrilled if DC gets a nerf, but a direct nerf for thor would just be misguided.

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That solves DracoRat. If Armor Buffs come, DracoRat is useless. Crit is pointless since it makes almost no diff with another Ludia nerf.

Thora with armor is the same as Thora with no armor. Still gets chomped through by Thora, Tryko and Tenoto.

My guess its Ludia is gonna bring in these buffs and then change a few things to have more DS and AP. So more spending but less actually difference.