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Anyone else think Thor shouldn't be nerfed?

You obviously think too highly of Draco. As usual. All those you mentioned are.far better than Draco. Far more annoying.

If an opponent has Draco but no ErlikoS, Erlid, Dilora, Tryko or DioRaja, I will win. Even a 135 speed Thora doesnt help.

Draco with Thora is a bad combo if the person using it is trying to be funny. Dracobomb, meets Tenoto, survives runs into Thora, Thora gets a DSR in the face then DI or DSI and its dead. So now you injure his next dino and prob get Dracobombed again, kill his Draco then kill whatever dino he has left.

Erlid: Rampage, S&R, Thora, Rampage, S&R, something else, Rampage, S&R, win.

ErlikoS: PR, DD, LW, MSS, PR, win

Tryko and DioRaja: mind games.

At my level, you would think All 4 above are very easy to make considering that people have all 4 at lvl 30 and tier 7 boosted. So should I assume that uniques are easy to get to lvl 30? Because I meet it at a high level must be easy to make?

DioRaja and Tryko will argue with you. As would Erlid and ErlikoS.

Thora itself is solid. I love it. It doesnt need a nerf. Good HP, Good damage, slow speed, no armor and high crit.

Front assault moves and 1 cheap shot.

Thora with Draco is a strategy but its counterable. Also very situational. Sometimes it works and sometimes you end up losing either due to RNG. IC fails to stun and Thora goes dead. Draco goes out into a cloaked Rampage or a DSR.

Should you assume they’re easy to make? Hmm idk let’s see. Do you open your game and see there components guaranteed everyday? That’s what I consider easy. Let me guess you see Ankys on Monday and Baryg2 everyday on your map lol and they’re easier than the rat? XD

Say what you want but the rat It’s just stupid how it can one shot those dinos right away or after one small hit on them. And that’s exactly what happens.

None of those dinos you list are easy. So if they have lvl 30’s nothing but respect. Sorry can’t say the same for rats, its dna is everyday you don’t have to try hard. You can even skip a few of them if you want, don’t worry there will be 10 more per day at least flooding the maps and you only need 500 for a fuse lol.

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You all do know people are going to armor up and add crit boosts to draco… you know, just in case you mis-calculate so the critical hit will make up for your bad math. :rofl:

I do agree. If they do add those crit and armor boosts. Most people will apply it to the regulars and we will be back where we are now. Just different proportions.

That’s not easy now, I’m struggling to get sino dna just to make my first unique aka thor… The only way to get it now is by sanctuary. That’s be worst if they nerf it without I’m being able to try it

It’s definitely countable so long as you draw the right cards and have the right levels- and rng is in your side.

I’m living proof it’s counterable - here’s my team and I’m ranked top 1500:

I dont use the rat, and my thor is low.

That said, counterable isn’t enough. This situation is simply not good or healthy for the game.

Here’s what draco is, essentially -

Instead of 4 dinos you have 3, and can only lose 2 (assuming you 1 shot draco). Any of them can activate a priority move that does 4k dmg (reduced by shields) instantly. It requires no planning or setup or delays. It happens before all other priority moves (distraction, shields, etc.) It requires no strat - it’s free.

So now the goal doesn’t become- how do I kill this dino? It becomes: how can I get this high threat dino down to 4k so I can eliminate it for free? The value if taking out something like this:

Cannot be overstated.

Plus, let’s not forget - the vast majority of this game is played at lower levels. We on the forums are the vocal minority. Both DC and thor become eaiser to deal with the closer to end game you get.

Rat needs addressed. It’s not healthy in it’s current state for the game.


500 a fuse is easy? Wow… You must live in Local 2 and Local 3’s border.

I bet you dun even have a Draco higher than 17. So to you it was easy.

Getting anything to 30 isnt easy even if the ingredients are reliably findable. Draco can one shot what? Magna? Maybe Erlid and ErlikoS. The rest nope. Hell, its lack of AP/DS renders it useless against Dio and Tryko. To use the Thora/Draco combo, you need a very strong Thora (lvl 29 and tier 6 damage) and a tier 7 lvl 30 Draco to have a chance to take down Tryko. Prob 2 levels lower for DioRaja just because DioRaja’s damage and moveset suck.

Learn to deal with DracoRat. Stop whining about it being OP. It isnt OP, its good. OP is IndoR with immunity and Thora’s 3 DS moves. Which I hope to see in next update. Just to watch all the salty whiners call for it to be nerfed and crying how they cant beat it.


Lower levels means everything is lower levels. I doubt anyone has a lvl 30 Draco at low levels at least for long. I didnt even have a viable Draco till I hit 2 months into 1.6 and that was with 20k of Draco G2 saved up from 2 months of farming. Gone in a flash and still DracoRat was too weak to use.

Lower levels also tend to have SteGod, TraGod and MonoStego which have huge hp and armor.

Thora is literally a frontal assault machine. All attack. Soaks damage and returns in kind. Not OP since it can be distracted and stunned. It will be overleveled for anyone who played from Jan 2019 onwards due to the free Sino DNA and the ease to find Allo DNA. Tarbo DNA is easy to find if you have common scents and hunt at night or you work near a resturant area.

My suggestion is buff the 2 Darwin uniques and IndoR. Leave Draco to slowly die out and Thora to be outgunned. Let how SteGod slowly became obsolete.

Add Crit and armor, your fav whine creature is toast.

Thora will 1 shot it regardless, nothing is in danger of its SIR also. Would be fun though would make Thora even more essential.

I would whine about it for a few days due to the meta changing and my Erlid being less effective. Prob need to build DioRaja and Allosino.

This actually solves your problems of lack of variety and DracoRat.

I already told you I got my rat to lvl 23 in a month to prove a point. And now have 100k of each component without darting either in about 2 months.

Also, not sure about others alliances but the rat is so easy that every request gets maxed. Stop acting like it’s tough lol.

I don’t donate it though, that’s like spreading a disease.

I would say 100k of both without darting seems a little exaggerated. I assume you are FTP so you didnt buy incubators by the 100s.

Even with hunting everyday and buying the odd incubators I dun even have 50k DG2.

Mine always goes unfilled.

Too many have insufficient DG2. So i guess you are lucky.

I swear I was already writing when I decided to read the comments first and I didn’t need to continue because @wrothgar said exactly what I was gonna say.

That’s just it. Thor actually means more strenght to DC than a solution to it. It’s a counter, but at the same time one of the creatures that benefits the most with the rat…


Always assuming won’t get you far in life lol. I’ve been vip for awhile, recently cancelled. Not because of the rat or any of these bugs or horrible matchmaking. But I simply hate what they did to Pachys hybrid. I know sounds small to the others but I really hate what they did to it. Its ugly af.

In my alliance Life finds a way. Dcg2 gets maxed everytime. I really don’t want to argue and be so stubborn. I dislike that dino, I’ll never agree.

And what is said above me by Arnold and by wrothgar. That’s the biggest problem. The rat combined with certain dinos especially Thor. Thor alone… meh it’s good at the right moment. Thor with a boosted rat, that’s when its ridiculous. And should be fixed imo. DC a common legendary shouldn’t be this destructive. I’d rather see Monosteggy or stegod or something thrive a bit more. The swap in tactic gets older by the day.

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Btw yes, I live on the border of l3/l2 its 5 minutes between. So yes I could thrive even more than the average dc user. But still, all it takes is a few visits to these areas. But I refuse to do that and pass many many of both of them daily. I don’t ever want to use that tactic. It doesn’t give me any satisfaction.

I don’t just use meta dinos. I use dinos only if I like them, get satisfaction from winning with them, and like there looks. So I am a bit abnormal, but I have some meta dinos.

The fact that I have even easier access to them and bypass/don’t use it says a lot imo.

I live on the border of both too. Never had more than 50k of DG2. Even when I decided to not use DG2 during the 1.5 days.

The only reason my DG2 even was sufficient for me to level DracoRat is Alliance missions. I spammed 30 common scents on my daily hunts to find the event dinos. 3k darts a day. So whatever came out i darted. 400k Eina and Irri G2 each.

If its practical I will use it. If it sucks i will drop it. I got enough meta relevant reserve for the likely disappearance of DracoRat. Just hope they dun do something stupid like make Pterovexus OP. IndoR I want. Gives me an excuse to boost him lvl and tiers to team.level.

Totally agree. It’s fine the way it is, decent hp, high damage, slow, no armor, high crit, it’s balanced. The idea that it’s overpowered is caused by a combination of boosts, overleveling and matchmaking. Friendly battles prove that.

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YES. Kill it.

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