Anyone else think we should have a vote?

This is no doubt about it a pay to play game. It’s fun at first and then to advance you need real world cash and a membership.
So those who are paying these fees, should I think have at least some input into what’s going on.
We’ve all commented on the unbalanced PvP battles but nothing gets done. Yet they’ve made it an essential part of the game.

Trades in guilds are extremely limited and come with time delays.
Battle chests are all set to timers. And you only get four no matter how long you fight.

And one of my biggest gripes so far is the rewards in the chests and even the dice rolls often give you common crap. No matter your level. The more advanced you get the higher the rewards should be.

I agree the developers should begin to catering to the players. However, the Ludians would likely disregard the results of any votes similar to the manner they continue to ignore the comments and recommendations shared in the forums. Instead I suspect they would stubbornly continue to comply with the misguided conceptions and inept mechanics promoted by insiders.

However, I am certain the developers would agree to run a non-binding referendum on issues if players would pay 100 gems per vote.

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100 gems a vote. Hilarious… and sounds about right. Took me 170? I think to start a guild. Everything costs cash in here. I LOVE the game. But as many people as are now playing it, you’d think that the guilds would get to vote. In a normal RPG you pay a monthly. But in this one it’s a monthly and a rigged reward system that requires cash to advance.

More like 16,000 gems per vote. Also your vote won’t get counted unless you’ve cast it 18 times. Voting booth behind the vip paywall


I am a VIP. Otherwise you can’t claim 90% of your gold

The vote would cost 1,000 gems, and only be available if you win 60 PvP battles first.