Anyone else tired of this?

Since 2.0 dropped, I’m getting A LOT of the arena waiting screen counting down to 0 and throwing me back to the map… Same with others in my alliance.


It’s infuriating enough that we have to deal with constant losing streaks in this absolute mess of an unbalanced arena. Yesterday I had to do TEN battles to get an incubator, and three times this happened in the middle of them to make it even better… We had this problem many updates ago and now it’s back. I have no polite words to say about this. Just please, fix it… Again…


Yea I mentioned this issue in a separate thread.

Getting more frequent with full timer countdown with no matches happening, would be nice if we get an AI match after waiting.


There shouldn’t even be this one minute timeout. That’s what the first countdown is for


If it can be fixed that would be cool. But I think at this pt in time, I’ll welcome any fix, even partial fix like the solution I mentioned above.

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Yesterday, 3 time out in a row then a fight interrupted by a pink screen . That’s how Jwa likes to make us spend time and get us angry for nothing.

This is definitely one of the worst flaws of this game and it’s been going on for a long time without the developers seriously considering it and yet it’s not for lack of having pointed it out.


It’s pretty frustrating.

In previous iterations of the glitch (wait, did I just say ‘previous iterations of the glitch’ like that’s a perfectly normal / acceptable thing?!!?!?), force quitting the app and starting again would at least let you start over.
Now though, it just brings you back to the waiting screen.

One step forward, two steps backward…

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I mentioned this as well. This has gotten a lot worse since the update.

I still think that, if this happens, an AI battle should be given as an option right after. A simple “Matchmaking failed. Would you like an AI battle?” screen that pops up for say, 10 seconds afterwards would be nice.


I’m just wondering, what is causing this to happen? Did the opponent press cancel? Did the opponent close the game? Or is it a glitch?


Good idea​:+1::grinning:

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Known issues always seem to come back a while after ludia “fixes” them…

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Again and again…


The beta testing team should go all out trying to break each patch so they can uncover bugs before they make it live, thats what I used to do in my little games and apps, basically do crazy stuff that wouldnt even make sense for a user to do, and it did indeed undercover issues sometimes to fix!


Everything about PvP is wrong… matchups, start, timeout, freezing during battle… only improvement is the reduction in waiting time for shores.


Very tired. So much wasted time.
At least it counts as a battle and decreases the counter.

And also tired of:

  • Tired of Ardentis & Tryko. I am in library and see 8-10K Ardentis regularly and equally leveled Trykos.

  • Tired of matchmaking. In library I play against players with teams with packed full of lvl 30 dinos. I would expect such teams in giro, but not in library - something is going completely wrong here.

Tired everyday. Tiredness wears out motivation.
There must be a lot of players in a similar situation.


Its a situation we all have to face with any game we play in life, basically has it become a chore and no longer entertaining? if its a chore take a break (dont have to quit, maybe even just lessen play time) and see if the enjoyment is still there when you return.

At the end of the day its about having fun!


Yes, but this is also the reason why players have to write what the existing game mechanics lead to.

Simply to make it fun and enjoyable again.


Yep understandable and ive done it myself countless times, but at the end of the day its on the devs to fix it, if they have the time and resources to do so.

I dunno what sort of arrangements and resources the team has at its disposal to really say why bugs pop up that were previously fixed.


Everything about the PvP arenas is broken… legendary’s in Marshes, lvl 25’s boosted in lockdown, lvl 30’s boosted in aviary… since lvl 30 is highest possible they should be way up. Especially since Ludia heard our cries and reduced the timer… still they linger in lower arenas because grinding is so much easier there, as are the battle missions for the alliances. Proofs to me that it’s not only Ludia messing up… its (part of) the player base just as well. Probably the same that keep abusing glitches and bugs…


Yep. Yes. Yeah. Its one of the main reasons I quit playing for the second time a few weeks ago.


The first timer is locating an opponent. The second is instantiating the match. I get why there are two, but why does it say “waiting on opponent” when we as players have no control over instantiating. It should say “preparing to battle” or something similar. Its likely either some client side code that is causing it or some server issue. It could be something timing out, it could be timing out becuase they did not do proper exception handling, it could be a bug causing a value to go out of the expected range…who knows. Its entirely developments fault though, that is for certain.