Anyone else tired of this?

Rather than this. I’m also tired of waiting 29 seconds for just a match

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Didn’t expect L30’s in be in Aviary.
L30 saturation is happening though in upper Gyro/Low shores.
I knew it would happen eventually but it’s happening quicker than I expected.

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Ludia caused this issue by handing out endgame viable DNA like crazy. Championships were a REALLY bad idea in terms of balance. You can’t just hand out 400+ unique DNA along with a boat load of it’s components and expect the arena to be fine afterward


What I’m seeing down here bouncing between avairy and lower library is teams with a lot of subpar Dino’s… even boosted…

Their very similar in team make ups high to max level Indos 1 and 2… Thor’s maybe a few other not optimal Dino’s along with a max and tryko of similar levels.

When they get their good line up they just roll over you. But if they get stuff like both indos and play them 1+2 into a tryko… I can be up 2-0 and can finish the match off normally.

So I can completely see team line ups like that not being able to push out of library and falling into avairy even.

It’s not all a dropper issue… if I played only my highest level Dino’s I’d easily be a team level of 26-27 in low avairy or even lower because all my higher level Dino’s have been nerfed. So I’ve changed my team as a lot of us have… but not everyone is going to do that.

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I was in lower library and hit an all 30 boosted team. I think people may just be frustrated and dropping to get the incs.

If the opponent is MIA the battle should start anyway. This is messed up.


It just happened to me three times in a row :roll_eyes:

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Twice in a row this morning and the always classic but no less pleasant one just before going to sleep. Lydia, you’re still perfect, change nothing and continue to avoid the subject.

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Btw, do you remember what I was asking you already 4 months ago? I guess you pass the info to the developers still working on it, right?

Ludia, you’ve done so many updates but still up to now, we players have to WAIT For Opponents for 1 minute. Why not make it like SEARCH For Opponent, which is 30 seconds only ???

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Instantiating does need its own time though to set the battle up. The matching is just looking for who is available. The opponent going mia could affect that, but many other problems could occur during that time like variables out of range or server issues.

You don’t need 1 minute for that. If someone is having server issues for more than a few seconds, than too bad… that’s what happens many times anyway during battles… The main thing is, this wasn’t happening before. It is now.

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I wish that at the end of that timer, it just threw us into a bot battle.


Just set a new personal record with 5 1-minute timeouts in a row :poop:

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Had enough of 2 minutes of my life wasted.

Looks like too many people quit, not enough players to make a match.

Arena and alliance tournaments were the only reason I’ve been sticking it out.

After this Alliance tournament is over, I’m probably out too. Had one foot out the door for awhile.


I just simply love that I have to waste 1 minute and 29 seconds of my life either hoping for a AI match(the 29 seconds) or an actual match(the 1 minute)


The Shore timer being 30 second now doesn’t make that much difference since it’s pretty normal for me to get the 1 minute countdown at least once before every battle :roll_eyes:

I was not exaggerating in what I said above… twice in a row “an opponent was found” in the last 2 seconds, then 1 minute waiting for nothing. That’s 3 minutes just trying to get a battle!

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I still get this a lot and even when I do get in I get a half pink screen I get booted out of the fight have to restart my game to try and save the battle it’s getting very old

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Every time I lose a match I want to start another one quickly so I don’t let the stress set in (not to mention that I don’t always have time)

At this exact moment I lost one. Tried another and got the timer… tried again, got the timer again… third time. TIMER!!! And now I have to get back to work!! Seriously this makes me wanna throw the phone onto a freaking wall!! You’re not giving as much importance to this subject as it deserves!!

:rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: