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Anyone else? Warlock shatter negligible damaged

Without fail my level 12 warlock does negligible dmg on all Enemy characters (1 health bar) with level 5 epic grimoire/shatter

In contrast without fail the enemy warlock always does huge dmg with it (often killing a couple of full health characters without using shields down)

Anyone else seeing this?

Note I know how dmg works, boosted by other gear
, changes with your level vs their level, shields etc.

And this gear item/character is just as developed as my other gear/characters but not seeing dmg issues with any other character or gear

Is this happening every time you use it? I almost never use it as his first attack because of the block we all start with in pvp. I wait until his second attack or if he is my last guy to take a turn I might use it on first.

Whenever I have a brain freeze and use it early it isn’t as effective. Other than that I haven’t had any problems

Yes every time, I’ve noticed for a long time then thought right I’m going to pay attention to this, been watching it for a good week which is a lot of :fire: 1-2 health bars dmg on each character (maybe 10-20% health dmg max)

No never first attack - I always use attack down first or sometime soon pushback

It could be because warlock is level 12 and others are 13-14 so enemies are typically 13-14. But I wouldn’t have thought the level difference would be that strong

Yeah I don’t know then… I will pay a little better attention to mine and see if I see anything.

I am not certain as I have not used the Epic Grimoire in some time. I recall being dissatisfied with the Epic item. My Legendary (only Level 2) does considerably more damage to the target than my Epic Grimoire, often a one-shot kill. Perhaps your opponents had the Legendary grimoire equipped. This might account for the difference.

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Warlock has never done big damage for me. I know it’s time to give up the match. Anytime the opponents warlock deals massive damage.

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It is always about the block prior to first turn for me. If I use Shatter first it does nothing. If I move up my fighter (or other) to keep them in one row it can be deadly. Won’t kill all of them but does big damage.

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Where are your ATK and DMG numbers at?

I thought that damage was calculated based on these stats, and so the level of your grimoire isn’t the only determining factor for its efficacy.

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Yeah thats what I meant by I know that other gear influences it (as they all influence the passive stats)

High attack means that you are more likely to get the upper end of the damage range

looking at it more closely after your message …

I knew she was weak but didn’t realise how pathetic she was - although her dmg is ver similar to my wizard who does a big damage AOE ability block, her attack is a half of my wizards! Think I’ll remove the reflection damage trinket and add the attack trinket for a start …

The Warlock becomes amazing when you get her gear up a little further.

With her belt maxed you also get another 15% attack. There are two ways to build her, either utility or straight damage. I went the damage rout and my regular opponents tent to target her first because she has the ability to one shot most things. As for shatter specifically, I have wiped 4 people from full health with it, I’ve had all 4 of my people wiped from full health with it. It’s not exactly weak.


When I said she’s weak I meant mine not warlock in general :slight_smile: