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Anyone else who's been annoyed about this basically since the game got released?

i have been so freaking annoyed by this for like 1 and a half years now:

please fix this ludia :triumph::angry::imp:

i know i am very late about this, but still

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I’ve never been annoyed about it because i’ve never noticed, probably because I don’t care about stuff like that as it has no impact on my game or life whatsoever.

Again, i’d rather Ludia fix bugs that actually impact gameplay.


yeah, i know it’s nothing game breaking or anything, but as a huge indominus rex fan, and basically indominus rex nerd, this has personally annoyed the crap out of me for the longest time now


We only have one, maybe we just got a short one.

Not all creatures are exact.


Also, depends on their stance, we have no way of knowing exactly how they stood.

Creature size, color, lack of feathers, it’s all just fantasy. Doesn’t matter, the game isn’t based on real science anyway.

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it may not matter for gameplay or what ever, but it still annoys me like heck

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I’m more annoyed that Blue is called a generic raptor in that pic.

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Velociraptors were as big as turkeys, no one is bothered by that? :slight_smile:


It isn’t meant to be accurate to real life though, just to the JP universe. And apparently it isn’t.

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You got to chill this are fantasy dinos. I am also a big fan of indo rex but cmon seriously wait till you get on breeding them. There are things not supposed to be combine but for the benefit of having one and having names that is the fun of it. If you want some real life accuracy or just like the film better not cross breed them and there is no such thing as a dino switching and cause a dino to bleed by shouting at them so with other insane skills.
Just enjoy the game and have fun…this typo does not mean a thing on bugs and issues of the game. Other pressing matters is more important

sorry, but i think you lost me here… what? i don’t think i understand what all this has to do with ludia getting indominus rex’ hight wrong by about 7 feet… or me getting annoyed by it…

Their post is kinda hard to read, but they are saying there are many points of unrealistic information in this game from what dinos are being used to create hybrids to the sizes and such of those dinos to the attacks these dinos do.

These things are all in the same ballpark of fictitious information for the sake of the game.

Is a 13ft Indom any less realistic than a raptor that does not cause “wounding” or some other dino that does? I do not recall reading about immunity dinos either. Its all nonsense strung together for entertainment.

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indominus rex it self isn’t realistic either, as it is just a fictional dinosaur hybrid that didn’t even exist, but if ludia are going to have “facts” or what ever for it, or other creatures in general, the least they could do is get those “facts” right/accurate atleast according to the movie franchise/universe their game is based on

Sorry my english is bad. But seriously if that small thing bothers you and you still want to make a buzz about the height thing and accuracy of dinos because your the expert then be our guest. There are more pressing matters like balancing and bugs. Well wish you all the luck.