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Anyone else wish the supply drops had names photos and descriptions of the place they're associated with like in pogo

I wish that when you clicked on a supply drop it would show the name of the place the supply drop is associated with. And a picture too although it’s not necessary it’s a nice touch and since I know this game uses Google Maps just like Pokémon go so there shouldn’t be any reason they can’t implement this very simple feature. Like for instance outside my house there’s this church and a statue next to it. In pokemom go the church is a pokéstop and the statue is a gym. Why can’t these both be shown with a picture and a name even if they’re both still just regular supply drops.

This is the reason this games better in my town there’s like 20 pokestops on JWA there’s probably 500


I’m not talking about the number of stops I’m talking about the little picture and description telling you the name of a place and an image of it which really grounds you to the game. And I like how it’s done in pokemon go. Where as in this game it’s like oh here’s another supply drop. This isn’t a place or anything lol

No thanks. One of the big reasons i quit pokego was because i cant even spin pokestops at certain speeds. Second, i have to walk up to it that thing. Third, unless you in dense cities pokestops are scarce as hell.


Nope, sorry. I’d be really mad if JWA drops suddenly became like that.
The important part of JWA drops is their flexibility and independence.
They can appear everywhere freely not tied to actual points on the map.

There are places, especially small towns or rural areas, where there are just no “special” places. PoGo players suffer a lot from this if they are not in big cities.
I live in a small city and here on the outskirts I am lucky to have one gym close.

I don’t understand how the speed thing has anything to do with this but as for a simple name of a place If it’s associated with one and a little description and photo would be cool

There’s no point at all because some are randomly in the middle of nowhere

It doesn’t have to be that way. Pokémon Go suffers from this because you have to request a pokéstop and there’s no gauruntee you’ll get one. All I’m ask for is if the supply drop doesn’t move because it is connected with a place have a photo and name and description of it. All I want is to have that be added. And all the random ones that don’t have a place associated can stay as such.

All stops in pogo are points of interest in JWA none are there just random its pointless the Devs wasting time on it

They actually are in my screen shots it’s pretty obvious the places intersect (with the exception of the event ones in green) these places don’t move (ones in yellow) they use Google maps which is how both games get their data for these points of interest. At least I think that’s the case anyways.

Oh they move trust me

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Except they would still have to move becaue all drops in the game periodically change location.

And if they would not move, you’d still give big city players an unfair advantage in having a bunch of drops always available without a change and that is a big “no” from me.

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Well I do agree with you that it does give them an unfair advantage. At least in pokemon go (if NYC is any example) but in this game you can get maybe 35 coins and maybe 15 darts give or take how close you are to a drop. And if you add all these other event supply drops I don’t see that huge of an issue with some of them being perminant places of interest. But maybe Im a little biased I play both games on my bike and I usually ride 1 or 2 miles to go to our local park for rare dinos. And I just started playing 2 days ago lol

If Ludia made our supply drops have images and names, most of them would be “random patch of asphalt on this street” or “patch of grass” because the drops aren’t associated with landmarks or anything special.

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You cant ride shotgun in a car and spin pokestops. This one theres no speed cap that im aware of just as long the load up fast enough in the map

I was riding my bike yesterday with the app open and it gave me a speed warning like Pokémon go
Except at a much lower speed lll

Gives you speed warning but doesnt prevent you from spinning and collecting. The warning is more to help shield themselves from lawsuits.

I personally like having the supply drops move, even if it has caused me some frustration. Right now, there are no even drops within my view, when in the past I had 15 in view and 3 in my vicinity (VIP range). I would be more interested in possibly having descriptions and images about this week’s dinos on the event supply drops. Like, before you spin it, having the information button.

No thanks, Ludia will make this game laggier than ever if they add this useless feature in the game.

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No, thank you. Map is taking an ETERNITY to load now.
Again, no, thank you.

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