Anyone else with me?

I suffered a savage trophy nerf started this morning, and I noticed most of my battles lost were:
1, against over-leveled opp.
2, blindly threw in a wrong dino that laid waste first round
3, bumped into avg. lvl25 monomimus
4, RNG, but in fact it was respective(however it won me as well as it cost me trophies, and ofc it did)

Were I to believe the board meta suddenly leveled all their Indo stego monomi and youcanttouchmesaurus up to level 28, 29, 30?
Then I did what I did everytime when this situation came across.
No more over-leveled dinos I had to deal with, nor everytime jumped perfectly into a wrong dino in first round. No more over leveled monomi got on my nerves ever since I hit that evolve button.
Why is this coincidence so frickin sweet about the EVOLVE trick, which yeah, costs coins? Where in the heal were those teams of avg. Lvl28 dinos at ever since I evolved my deck??

Let this rant sink if it’s just me. But who knows?

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There is an “evolve trick”?

What I meant by that is whenever you are threw into unfair matchup, evolve.