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Anyone else's game being super laggy post update?

Game has been super slow after installing 2.5. The dino dex and battles are lagging my game a lot.


I had some major lag when doing PVP yesterday.


yes, lag got really bad 4 me when darting or other stuff like collecting rewards

Yes… Because Ludia

Yes, When ever I try to collect anything, it takes about 1 to 2 minutes.
I just want to get through all of my unlocked achievements Ludia!

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I’ve noticed more lag when loading the alliance member list, in creature collection, and achievements tab since the new update was released. Glad I’m not the only one. Hopefully Ludia will address this.


a little bit here and there. not a whole lot.

It is actually slower than normal.

Every time I collect some reward from the achievements I am obliged to leave and return to the game.

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Well, tried a raid and my goodness I thought my game would crash and I got to wait 2-3 min to be able to dart a creature, oh and my game has crashed from trying darting creatures… like why?

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My phone has been overheating after this update. It’s NEVER had an overheating issue. I also lag A LOT.

Yes, very laggy… :thinking: (especially when I go to look in our Alliance list, it takes around 15 seconds before it kicks in and shows everyone’s position in it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)


I swear I was gonna make a similar thread with a similar name. Worst update ever.


I can’t play anymore, because it’s so laggy and it overheats my phone and kills the battery.

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Same problem here…too laggy


This update is so useless and more harmful than helpful

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Yeah I was playing a bit of arena yesterday and noticed my phone actually got hot to the touch. First time something has made this particular phone get hot like that… out of the 50 or so games I currently have installed.

I wouldn’t say super laggy but battles certainly have a slowness to them now.

Absolutely right, everything from the map loading the drops etc and the arena and lists are super slow now.
I also have to reboot to get raid invites on iOS again since the update and my iPad is less than a year old.

But what does it matter?

We have badges now


Totally agree hunting with lag is a real pain

More lags than I’ve ever had since I got a new phone (which btw is a very good and modern device)… Sometimes the map doesn’t load… I constantly can’t see anyone online when I create a lobby, so I have to either invite everyone on my list or ask for help on social midia… And others said to me they can’t even run a lobby.

Honestly… hours and hours waiting for things to get worse. This is frustrating.