Anyone excited for the tournament tomorrow?

I know I am excited for the tournament. The restrictions may not seem like much but taking into account that almost all legendary tournament teams contain a lot of swappers and out restriction is going to be no swap in abilities. I am excited to see everyone’s teams in the tournament and good luck everyone


well gonna try
chast,majundaboa,ankylodic,mammotherium,dodocevia,allosino,eremoceros and carnotarkus for the first run and i will see how it does…


Think about it please, since there are no exchangers, if you don’t have what to stop the Coelhaast, it will take down an entire team, only two creatures can defeat it if you let it escape. Coelhaast is going to dominate the tournament tomorrow


eh ankylodic,carnotarkus,majundaboa,eremoceros… they all work


This tourney might sound like fun for a lot of people but believe me it won’t, sorry but this tourney is not going to be as fun as you think, infact it will be a nightmare.
You see, swap in moves are a key thing in battles, they are something that can help you get out of a bad position or put you in a good position without having to suffer much of a consequence, without them you’d pretty much have two choices if you’re in a bad position. 1. Go in on your opponent’s creature with your disadvantaged creature or 2. Swap to a creature and give your opponent a free full hit, with swap in moves though the disadvantaged creature can have backup and you can swap into a creature with swap in damage to kill your opponent’s creature or your disadvantaged creature can be saved without taking a scratch by swapping into a creature that can minimize damage on the swap in move.
Obviously I’m not trying to sound like one of those players who rely on swaps but I’m just saying IN MY OPINION that this tourney might not sound as good as others think.


Haha, only one of those you mentioned does not let him flee with the impact and flees and destroys the others easily, he leaves and finishes you off last

Well, yes and no, since it is good to play without worrying that they will send you a drake or turtle dog, here the question is the fastest will dominate in this case the Coelhaast will dominate the tournament without a doubt if you do not have tell us what to stop it with it will destroy your entire team

Eremoceros: Are you challenging me?

All i know it Will take arround 5-10 minutes/match witch isnt fun. With mammo, voel, and eremo dominating. It’s all about perfect counter, for example : if your opponent have mammo and you don’t have her counter well you died, same with eremo but easier to kill. Well coel just run and back to finnish you .

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Really don’t like the new restrictions they have added earlier this year.

Don’t really care about skill / speed tie tournaments at all. Never liked them.

But it really is terrible for advantage tournaments and players who have built teams for them. More and more players got sick of end-game PVP and have started to level up epics, rares and legendaries for PVP and Tournaments.
And now they cannot even use them anymore :slight_smile:

With this change you now need even more fully boosted level 30 creatures in order to be successful in PVP and tournaments. Guess it is just another way to sell boosts and bundles.

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To be quite honest all flocks regardless of which one they are should be banned from all tournaments as they create an area of uncertainty in battles due to the fact the little pests can keep regerating time and time again unless you have that one dinosaur that can counter and eliminate these little pests.
In the last tournament i was hit so many times by team after team of them it was pointless even trying at one stage because of the overwhelming numbers of them being used in the tournament.
At one stage i actually faced 5 opponents within a space of a half hour that had teams of flocks ( all 4 creatures were different flocks ) !.
Yes i can understand 1 or possibly 2 teams of flocks on an opponents team but 5 seperate teams of full flocks in a half hour is nothing short of TOTAL OVERKILL !.
There has to be a balance introduced into the game where once you field a dinosaur into battle you will not be able to field that dinosaur again for a minimum of 3 rounds of battle before you can use it again.
This is the most fair solution to ending the flock overkill situation that is happening far too much lately in tournaments.
Players have been posting this request to LUDIA that a ** rest period / rotation of team dinos ** be introduced into the game as far back as late May / June 2021 especially in a tournament situation.!. :roll_eyes:

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I have to agree that flocks have become far too ever present snd it does spoil tournaments more than a little. Id definitely be up for a run of tournaments where flocks were banned.

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I agree with @Samzilla here and sadly the new formats for the tournaments suck just as much as I feared they would.

Players who built up dinos specifically for tournaments are being punished and those who make a big noise about how they want change have won the day. So now we have a nonsensical situation where certain dinos are banned from tourneys, inevitably the very dinos that have been levelled up and built for tourneys. I wouldn’t mind so much if the so called ‘skill’ tourney had the restrictions in place but the advantage tourney should give the advantage to players who have invested in their tourney team.

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Having no swappers takes out the skill, and I have done huge leveling for legendary swappers (as have others) so I’m honestly pretty disappointed.

This tourney will not be about skill anymore with no swappers it’s just going to be about team comp. I’m not saying you should like swappers, but the game is really dull without them.

Nevertheless, even if I am a bit discouraged by the tourney rules. I am going to try my best as legendary is one of my favorites.

Here is a vital tip for everyone: I highly suggest abusing Dsungaia & Carnotarkus’ counter attack as a swap. I’ve been practicing this tourney with a couple of friends in friendly battles and that seems to be the dominant strategy in this tourney.


I don’t miss swap-in damage, but I do miss the other swap-in effects.

So far, this tournament has been very ‘hope for the best match-up’, even more so than usual. Coel is ruining it a lot, though, as is the lack of good fierce creatures in this range.


Skill tournament, right?

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