Anyone for an allosino unique?

Allosinosaurus could definitely get a unique hybrid, as it is not yet a “superhybrid”. What would you combine it with to make a unique and why?

Edit: I think if it got a unique, it may completely remove the use for tryko (it needs a buff anyways), so it is unlikely to happen soon

If there is a superhybrid for Allosino, it is better to make it faster. Maybe fusing with Gryposuchus to raise its speed to about 110. This also gives Gryposuchus a hybrid.

I wouldn’t be upset to see it get a hybrid either. Even if it was something like Concavenator. It wouldn’t do anything for the speed, but if it got Pinning Strike instead of APS, and inherited the counter attack, that could be massive in its own right as well I think.

I would laugh if this unique is coming in 1.5…(coughs…totally called it…)


Allosinosaurus + Monostegotops

OP Death machine for sure

I suggested an allosino + carnotaurus in an old thread.


That would be pretty cool

I like this one

well its allisinosaurus and tarbosaurus

oh nooooooooo I don’t want to have to farm draco :sob:

correction above

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not tarbo gr

Cool… Dracorex Gen 1 or 2?

its actually tarbosaurus. edited that post.

Even better :slight_smile:

my tarbo is only 11 I never dart it I’m so sad unless it becomes L1 :sob:

although there is now a dracoceratops which fuses gen2 of each.


Tarbosaurus is gonna get hyped lol

My tarbo is only level 5 but i got 50k dna :sweat_smile: should be plenty for level 20 and a few fusions into the unique

They give me a hybrid!!!:scream:
My first child ahhh!!!:scream:

I must gonna give all my DNA (and love) for her!!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: