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Anyone found Carbonemys yet?

I’ve been hearing others on the forum saying that scents don’t attract any park spawns now, only locals.

I got 10 dna from the campaigns…

I hunted my L4 park since the update, none seen.

I saw pictures of one in sanctuary, but nobody I personally know has seen any. Haven’t yet tried myself since my game is broken.

Also apparently someone I know fought someone with a superboosted smilonemys already… How… must be hacker or something, or just extremely lucky and got like 50 carbonemys out of his scents.
Idk player name of the guy with this

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Probs a hacker. Given how hard this thing is to find right now, i doubt any “legit” player would have it already

Oh just found out in the 1.9 release notes they mention scents don’t work on park dinos as expected, in an attempt to patch the “reroll dino in park with scent” exploit.

Which means only in very rare cases (maybe) will ur scent actually spawn park dinos like carbonemys

This looks like the Smilonemsys from the missions.


BS!!! That wasnt even that bad of a bug. One of the ones id gladly keep around. Now Smilonemys is going to be a pain to get :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Found 2 right next to each other after biking around a park for around 30 minutes

Probably a bot.


I found one today, but I need to find one more to unlock it (or check my alliance’s sanctuaries to see if there’s one in there).


Really nice find!!

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I found 2 so far.

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Haven’t seen any of the new cenozoic animals. I miss the days when after an update the new animals were everywhere.


Haven’t seen a single one in the park near me. Hoping they fix the scents soon so I can at least use those.

None, other than a beautiful picture in forum…

Second account, across the street from a park only a few blocks away from the one I found on my main account.

Of course I had to grab it on my main!


Support just posted that scents only pull local dinos, not parks ones,


Yup, that’s why I don’t count on those for park spawns anymore. Hopefully they fix that soon!

We are up to 6 between 2 alliances. Scents should attract them, but have heard more than once they don’t.