Anyone found gallimimus?


Havent seen one yet myself. Starting to wonder if it will be next weeks event.


Nope :frowning: Haven’t seen them yet


Some of the dinos will be likely be saved for events.


No sign of it so far. Some people said that they got it from incubators.


Haven’t seen a single one yet, so disappointed!


Managed to get a few from arena incubators. Lvl 15 for monomimus impossible :flushed:


Arena 8? Or earlier?


@Ulfhednar Arena 8 incubators


ok, only 180 trophies and a sh…load of brutal beatings and I’m good to go :joy:


@Ulfhednar I have faith in you :grin:


I have yes.


I got one straight-up from my (Arena 6) 24 hour incubator. Probably the only part that excited me, seeing as the rest of it was stuff that either didn’t finish what I needed on epics or was common DNA that I already have no problem getting. One more for the encyclopedia!


An arena exclusive dinosaur means you could only gain DNA from incubators (or event attempts).

So, as arena 8 exclusive dino, if they don’t release Gallimimus to the event, the only way to collect DNA is opening incubators.
Most stable way is get into arena 8, and every 3h incubator will give 1/3 chance guaranteed Gallimimus DNA.
Those 12h/24h incubators get from any arena might give you some Gallimimus DNA, if you are lucky enough.


I got it from arena 7 incubator, I think it might have been a 24 hour one


24h incubator.


I’ve been a little lucky to get DNA in an incubator then the same day found a wild one. Now we’re chilling and watching a movie together (Lvl 9 Gally)


Nope… it was on the playing field … got it to register as a new Dino found, but it vanished before I could get any


And…you can click & check that dino.
It’s an Ornithomimus.

Rare class and stronger version of Gallimimus.
(But the only importance of Galli is become an ingredient of Momomimus)


I have but only in a Arena level 7, 24 hour incubator. I was able to get mine to level 10 from it.


:joy::joy::joy: mental note … put glasses on and read Dino names :joy::joy::joy: sorry