Anyone found the Epic Saint Patty Strike yet?

Title says it all. (Twenty Characters)

Nothing yet but then I haven’t had a proper walk about yet.

I don’t have 1 on my map :man_facepalming:

I found it and beat it. Only saw one on my hour drive home. Tarbo, Thor, Concavenator

I did have one. Then restarted game and it disappeared


I walked around and found one about an hour later. And there’s no shortage of supply drops where I am. The same went for the 5 step strike event as well

Hunted for 2 hours and found 1 and it barely worked

Nope, can’t see single one. Have lots of event drops around.

@Ned can you share the mysterious missing epic strike event with the team?

Yeah, I don’t feel like running around today just to find an Epic strike that may or may not be anywhere close to me

I can share the feedback with our team. Thanks, Mathew_Ni!

I saw one travelling from Whitechapel to Perivale in London earlier so they can’t be that common as that’s more than half the city


None around me. At all. Lots of the garbage common one, as usual.

@Ned, could you pass on the feedback that the commons ones are always a bit too common please? They constantly appear around my house, it’s really frustrating. I’d love it if they could disappear once completed, I think that would help a lot.

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I have different experience. Usually one of the towers is everywhere and one is non-existent or barely around. Today didn’t saw epic strike at all. Saw a screenshot that it should be around 48hrs. Hopefully tomorrow after reset can find it when strike towers changes.

I found it just now. Not a single one in the surrounding neighborhood.

Yes found it and conquered it with Thor, Erlidom, and Maxima. It was easy peasy lemon squeezy. I was even cheeky by letting Maxima do a final kick on a Tarbo with 25 health. It was quite entertaining

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Can see one now, but will do it in the morning.

Nothing doing around these parts in 15km radius. Have to go out again later tonight but I doubt I’ll come across it. As a side note, I’m getting two separate dart procs on spinning event supply drop markers but NO themed incubator. Also, green chests have gone POOF!

I can See 1 far far away But have no possibility to get there these days.

Why dont u make them appear on a fix location on the map?
Sometimes i habe one around home sometimes not.
And Right now when zravelling is not such a good idea why dont u make them accessible through the Menu?

I found and beat it. I got lucky. One spawned at the back entrance of my neighborhood. Didn’t get anything too great, though. Aside from Christmas Ostrich. Christmas Ostrich is always good DNA.