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Anyone found wild Concavonator or Carnotaurus so far?


So 2nd day after the end of last event, did anyone encounter a wild Concavonator or Carnotaurus yet?


Nope… :frowning:


Mine claimed to be wild but passed out after one shot of whiskey


I have caught bothin the wild. See Carno every day. Carnoraptor???


Nothing like pulling up a 8 month old thread lol


Yesterdsy I activated a large common scent, the first dino came up was Concavenator, and a few minutes later, another Concavenator appeared. They look like Baryonx so I was excited when they showed up, but disappointed after realising they were Concaventor.


I see concavonator often. I live and work in L1 so I see and get them often.


I haven’t seen a wild Concavenator yet. But I do see a bunch of Carnotaurus, i see so much Carnotaurus I actively avoid them.


Lot of carnotaurus here in L4, i dart them with the secret hope of a useful hybrid ^^