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Anyone from support on

Anyone from support on PLZ LOL

How do I change my form name from bag to DAGBC56

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Thank you
I like the game but I really didn’t want to play it as bag
Lol thanks again :blush::+1:


I Was Wondering Where You Got That Name From? bag (Bag) LOL :grin:



Something new on my iPad the game keeps trying to load so it’s frozen up
On my iPhone 8 the game data is old not up to date so not working keeps getting error
It’s like I have two accounts with the same account number so the game keeps crashing

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You Ever Get It Fixed @DAGBC56 ? (Bag) LOL :grin:
Hope Your Having A Blessed Day👍
What You Think About The Update? Yea Or Nae?

Hi shay
I like the update the guild chat is something the game needed
We have more play options and the hi lv got a new dungeon
The only thing I don’t like is not having a link to the form anymore but all in all I like it
Have a great day everyone :sleeping::coffee:

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HEY @DAGBC56 (Bag) :grin:
Hope Your Having An Eventful Day!!! And Of Course A Wonderful Day :grinning:
Hey DAG, What Clan Did You Join? I’m In The Willow Clan, Ain’t Nothing Bunch of Beggars Over There, I Would Love To Join The One Your On!!!???:thinking::grinning:
Maybe Then I’ll Have Someone To Chat With? :grinning:
Guess I Wouldn’t Mind Giving Somebody I Know Something Out Of My Stash Too :grinning:
Plus It Would Be Nice To Know, That I Was Helping A Newbee Of The Game Out!!!
I Would Much Rather Give Someone I Know, My Stuff, And Know That There Would Be Some Kind Of Appreciation Out Of The Deal!!!:+1::blush:

I joined OLD DAWGS
17 have joined but it’s really quiet :shushing_face:
Finding an active guild is really important right now
We would be happy to have you
It would be nice to have a lot of active players :wink::+1:

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Ok I Put The Request In @DAGBC56
HOPEFULLY See Ya In A Bit!!!
Be On The Look Out For Something You Need,
And Let Me Know What It Is When We Meet Up In There👍

Ok but my game is frozen again so it mit be a bit before I get on :joy:
It can’t load it just keeps trying lol

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Ok here it is I’ve done some experiments and here it is since day 1 I’ve got this message an error has accused while logging in to game server you reload and then I get loud over and over no connection just loading it’s frozen just keeps trying to load if I reboot my iPad and start from the basic reboot screen you now luciya screen everything is grate my game works fine so plz reboot from scratch every time plz

Right now my game is frozen so can’t play

The game is frozen again I was giving gear at the time on an iPad 6

Game is frozen I was giving gear ???

This wont help now but I recall reading somewhere that Ludia is aware of a donate glitch and is working on a fix.

Yea game freezes every 10th donated item for most of us, just refresh the game. Sucks but works, they ar eon the fix as above mentioned

Ok thanks everyone