Anyone from Sydney, Aus?


hey sydney players here?


Yep,the commas are cause i need 20 characters for some reason


I’m not but could go for some barbecued shrimp


You mean prawns :wink:.


Prawns on the Barbie! Ok sounds good


Aren’t prawns and shrimp different things?


Yes prawns are larger

But my initial post was to go with the shrimp on the Barbie line! I worded it differently just for joke sake :joy:


NSW yes, west of Sydney here


how come no one ever puts Barbie on prawns?


Im in melb, nice to se other Aussies. Want to do friendly battles add me: maximo101 #5492
Word of warning, my 4 year old son plays on my account just as much as me lol


wanna add me as friends in game blue?


adding u now max

any one wanna add me… dantheobscure #3797