Anyone get the 7000 something incubator yet?

Is it good? Or worth it?

I’ve got it before, twice.

My opinion is: it’s RNG.

Yes you’re gaurenteed dna, but it all depends what comes out of it.

At the time I really wanted common dna for Parasaurolophus. When I actually got it, I was so happy. The epics were slightly underwhelming, T. rex dna. Looking back I’m glad I got it as that dna helped me get my Indoraptor sooner.

I also bought the Halloween Premium Incubator too. So maybe another one similar will appear, like the speed premium one has today.

My verdict is:
If it makes you happy, and you can afford to, go for it. There’s no shame in buying, providing you’re able to. If you need raptors, go for the special offer one. Otherwise, go for the main one. As I said, rng buddy.

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Don’t care about whether if it’s ethical or not, hopefully there’s some good DNA.