Anyone going for this?


Its almost tempting, but if these cunning creatures strike events have taught me anything its that these are full of bad dna…


Probable results:

833 koolasuchus
1 Monolophosaurus

I dunno if I’d risk it :joy::man_shrugging:t4:


My thoughts exactly :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Definitely not :joy:


Not a chance


That Koolasuchus DNA will come in might handy if (the huge if) they ever make a hybrid with it…rofl


If any whales go for it please post the results with screenshot por favor

I would have to spend 100 real dollars and could only get one

I actually would have even spent enough to get 2 but without guaranteed dna no freekin way Jose


Can you imagine how much Dilophosaurus Gen2 and Diplocaulus Gen2 is in that thing?


give me your money and ill buy it😁


Wait a little while and Ill dive into my scroog mcduck vault. Maybe Ill have enough to afford 1… Maybe


Nope not hardly. Lydia hasn’t learned the concept of supply and demand.


guarenteed and customizable incubators please… then ill buy


They understand demand - it’s the supply half of the equation they have trouble with.


that’s nearly 10,000 cash for me. not a chance. monolophosaurus is one of the most commons spawns for me anyways. and i can’t even remember the last time i got DNA of a dino that was on the front of an incubator. i was 0/6 with the indoraptor ones.


No. Just absolutely no. :rofl:


It will all be gen 2! Rename these the gen 2 incubators


Cunning Creatures gen 2


Even better name them “The crap you don’t need or want” incubators


Never :slight_smile:
I would never buy any incubator, cause they are unduly expensive.