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Anyone got a good team for the new Gyrosphere?

I am kinda struggling on the last battle of the gyrosphere death dodo’s, and was wondering if any has found out or can find a good team and strategy. Because mine aren’t working I can’t beat the last Dodo.

You should choose all carnivores; the dodos are all herbivores, and so you always want the class advantage.

Beyond that, it depends on how you play combat. I generally try to choose about three meat shields (high health) and two cannons (high damage). I remember I chose a Tanycolagreus and a Megalosaurus for my meat shields; my cannons were a Rajastega and an Indoraptor. Can’t remember the last dinosaurs.

Essentially, in the first two battles, I kept using block and reserve on my first dinosaur to keep her alive and to build up reserve. Once I knew I had enough to take out the dodo, I let my first dinosaur die and then let the cannon take the dodo(s) out. Since there are only three fights in this gyrosphere tour, I could let a dinosaur die in each of the first two fights easily.

I hope those ideas are some help.


Thank you! I beat it now. I didn’t realize the dodo’s were herbivores, I expected them to be cenozoic.


I agree with you on the Cenozoic expectation; when I first run into them, I thought for sue they’d be Savannah creatures. Sometimes logic works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Congrats on the victory!

For other interested readers: the cost of the tour does not go up after completing it; it’s 75 bucks regardless. Payout is 750 DNA and either S-DNA or a Cenozoic bird. If you have the money, it might be worth repeating. It is a fun event, and some might think 75 bucks is a worthwhile trade for 750 DNA and some S-DNA or a bird.

Yeah I looked at the pack and passed on it. Keleken right now is super easy to get on a custom trade for coins, and with my luck, I’d probably end up with the Velociraptor SDNA which I don’t currently use. Definitely not a good risk-to-reward ratio for the cost IMO. Once again, Ludia seems to want us to pay the price that the lowest probability prize is worth, which is a pretty bad bet to take.

I did two runs and so far got only Raptor S-DNA. That DNA is sure nice though.

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