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Anyone got any excess raptor?


I have my indominus level 20, but my raptor is only 18 and I rarely see any near my house. Any alliances have an excess they could donate?? Will donate any DNA in return also. Cheers


I’m around 3000 trophies and actively play every day, can contribute to any dna or challenge needs


Your alliance can’t help?


You made the same topic and plea last week.

How did you get a L18 velo and Indom yet you never see any of them?

Get out and hunt, like you did before.

There’s no shortage of velo from what I see.

Did someone let you in their alliance, give you Velo but not enough for your pleasure?


There are many dinos that you can expect people to donate easily.
But Velo is not one of them because it is an important component for Indominus at lower arenas and even more crucial for Indoraptor for higher arenas.
Almost, all of the higher level players have Indoraptor on their team and the Velo DNA required for creation/upgrade is too high as both the fusion components require Velo.

Like explained above, easiest way to get Velo is to hunt for them at night. Use scents at night if you cannot go out at night.
You can discuss with your alliance/new ones on what you can trade for your velo. But my guess is whatever they will ask might be even more difficult to obtain. eg: Irritator, Stego, Draco etc.


You forgot Erlidominus… Required for that too!

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No someone made the point that I’m just asking for DNA so I reworded the post to show that I’m a team player and would be worth having in your alliance!:+1:t2:


No such thing as excess Velo.

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Well… not exactly true… I have 60,000 velo DNA.

But I have plans for it :slight_smile:

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