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Anyone got any Tips and Tricks!

As a guy currently in Arena 2 and feeling like they could do more, I was looking for some tips and tricks to get better. Now I want to make a post full of them so that anyone on this sub can find the best ways to improve their game. So, my question is, all you guys who are super good, what do you think are the biggest things that have helped you improve, level faster, or get more DNA! Currently I have a few:

  1. Use the Battle Stats Calculator to make what you think is your best team
  2. Go out and find them. Parks and popular areas like downtown or Main Street will have a high population of dinos and parks usually have more Rares. Supply Drops, and therefor, more DNA.

Get Procerathomimus and Thylacotator and use them!! They are Soo useful early on!

Well, adapt and save are two big things. Save refers mostly to boosts, as it may be tempting to use them early on, but as you unlock better dinos and your boosts are stuck on your commons, rares, and some epics, you’ll realize your mistake the hard way. By adapt, I mean notice what kinds of dinos are frequently used in that arena and counter them by putting a Dino on your team to efficiently deal with that frequent and annoying dino. Seeing a lot of raptors? Put dinos with high health, armor and deceleration so you can pretty much two shot them. Those are two big ones, at least that’s what I’ve noticed from my brother who recently started.

  1. Download Jurassic field guide
  2. Dont level dinos beyond their needed hybrid level.
  4. Get a good alliance as fast as possible.
  5. Look the hybrids up you want and safe coins for them. Dont randomly level up dinos. Coins are rare early on
  6. Use the Forum or Gamepress as a source of new infos

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