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Anyone Got back account

Has anyone lost their account and got it back as for me it’s been 12 days

do you have it logged in with game center or Facebook. You can get it back if that’s the case.

Google play

They said still working on it it’s been so long I asked some people and they said it will take a 3 to 4 days and mine is that two numbers multiplied

Hello Carnoraptor.troodon. If you have reached out to our support team and haven’t heard back, could you send me a private message including your support key and, if applicable, the email address you used to contact our support team?

Please help people
What should I do it’s been 15 days so…

  • Give up
  • Wait longer

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I really don’t know what to do
For me I think I should give up

Did you do as @ronald asked?

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10 chara

I have made my choice just to restart
I was suppose to get my second legendary the day I lost my count