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Anyone got creatures skipping there atacks in strike events?

So recently my opposing dinosaurs have been skipping there atacks when they swap in, not complaining but i think it should be checked up, and if you also have this problem please comment! thank you.


Yep, and not just strike events! I’m in high gyro and lately when I’ve been getting an AI battle in the arena, the opponents have been swapping over and over. I had the opponent swap three times in a row in an AI battle this morning.

thank god i was thinking that it only was for me, thank you for commenting!

I’ve been seeing a lot of complaints about it in the big Discord, so definitely not just you!

I’ve noticed this too

then theres that when i enter the alliance member list it takes almost a minute for it to load in, maybe its just lag but guessed i could bring it up to.

Yeah it’s been happening a lot to me too, but only in strike events, and only when the move will kill, at least for me. It’s really weird, and I’ve been trying to find out more about this.

Thank you for reporting this to us, everyone!