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Anyone got monolorhino yet

I really wanna see the hybrid in all her glory​:grin::laughing:

It is going to be a while yet. Rhino has only been received in 24-hour incubators, enough to create. It has to be level 20 for fusing. That is a lot of sanctuary interactions.

“Add some Woolly Rhinoceros DNA to the Monolometrodon and you create the Monolorhino. Because two of its “ingredients” are common, Monolorhino can be a Unique for players who are below the Leagues in the rankings.”

Straight from the release notes… they make it sound like it will be easy to make!! LOL - Ludia, so dumb.

EDIT: Just had a thought - at the rate the whales are paying to open incubators to harvest boosts, I have no doubt they will be the first to get it, and to level it - plus they easily reach L20 with their sanctuaries. To say this dino will be for the folks below the leagues in the rankings is ludicrous.


Ikr yet it’s harder to make than the mammoth hybrid

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I don’t know bra I’m finding piles of mammoths

I usually find one every day as for rhino out of two epic incubators 0

Ikr, when I read that of course I assumed it would spawn in the wild…

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