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Anyone gotten the player level 5 achievement?

I was excited to see all of achievements to collect, especially all of the badges. I saw a locked achievement for being player level 5 despite me being level 20 for a long time. Is it just me or are other people having this problem.I also don’t know if Ludia or anyone else said there’s a reason why it’s locked. I was just curious. The only reason I would suspect them locking it on purpose is so people don’t just rush through all of the achievements in one day.

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Hmm are you sure you aren’t level 2 and not 20? Jk xD but uh yeah that’s wierd i think it’s just you

I’m level 20 and it’s locked for me

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Yeah it’s locked for me as well. Also level 20. Is there another achievement you need to do first (besides the obvious previous levels)?

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I just leveled up to 18 and it’s also still locked for me.

locked for me as well.
probably has to have a specific other achievement done first (something stupidly easy, but takes a bit)
would be nice if you can click an info button and show prereq achievements. would help a bit.


Also locked for me. I was guessing maybe the 3 strike towers achievement might need done first? I’m not sure.

Yes, you’re right about the strike towers!

It was locked for me at first but I’ve now unlocked it.
I don’t remember exactly what achievements are the prerequisites but I think it was the dart different species/commons/rares ones that it was locked behind. Now the level 7 one is locked for me, more prerequisites I guess

It’s not the dart ones did a load of those must be the 3 strike tower one for lvl 5 most probably have some dumb prerequisite.

Shouldn’t the only prerequisite be “complete level 4”? That goes for all the player level achievements.

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I’m pretty sure these were designed with an order to complete them… so even if you have them completed you also need to complete the prerequisite before you can claim them.

Gotta imagine as a new player having all these achievements unlocking every time you do something has got to be like “wow theirs so much going on here”

I understand why they have prerequisites, but some of them aren’t very intuitive. Like to unlock the “reach level x” achievement, shouldn’t the only logical requirement be simply reaching the previous level first? There seems to be an achievement for each level (or most levels) anyway, so there’s still a built-in prereq achievement.

Yeah it’s like they got rushed and just started linking random achievements to random things.

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I’ve played a lot of tapjoy city building type games and they pretty much all have “missions” that have to be done in a certain order - not uncommon to achieve something and get a flood of already completed missions. I’m glad you can’t just click on a button to see the prerequisites - figuring it out and discussing it with alliance members is all part of the fun.

I’ve got past Level 5.

You just need to do a certain number of acheivements (not sure if there are specific ones though)

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Same here stuck with lvl 7 even if im lvl 20. Was stuck at lvl 5 then did 3 strike towers and unlocked it.

Also the darts u “collect” from supply drops, that Counts in daily missions does not count towards achievements …

Also after finnished a task game is very glitzy and screen freaze up for maby 4 sec … After reloading the game it says new achievements added or discovered or something like that. Not every time but it did this after i collectet the badge from loading the drone on 50 difrent creatures …and some others aswell …

I don’t know you mean I got that achievement and im level 10???

Yeah I don’t understand all the rank levels for achievements for example there is a badge for having three level 15 epics etc which I have but have not achieved on this and says player level nine or something but I am a 20 level player so how are theses achievement ranks worked out. No explanation Ludia thanks !