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Anyone had success in Contacting support?

Has anyone had any luck contacting support this last week,

I’ve contacted them a few times in the past always had a response in a few hours to a day max.

This week no response anywhere.
Have they given up completely? Anyone managed to get a reaponse for any issue?

I’m on 2+ weeka without a response. I ask for updates every 2-3 days. I still get nothing. I expect nothing less from the steamy pile of a company that is ludea

May 6th.
No response yet.

Hey guys! With all the recent issues I suspect they are backed up at the moment. Here are some tips to make sure you get a reply as quickly as possible.

  • Include your support key
  • Give them as detailed a description of of your issue as possible
  • Do not update your support ticket (email) once you submitted it, this will reset your place in the queue

Yeah i guess with lots of people requesting support to complain about boosts everything else is getting backed up…

Thanks for the response though

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