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Anyone have a high level Indoraptor Gen 2 or Erlikospyx or Healer for Mortem Rex? We are about to go in, need two people

We need a high level healer and Indoraptor Gen 2 or Erlikospyx. Or we need Ardentismaxima and our other guy can be Indoraptor Gen 2.

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I would like to be in.
I have dilorach:lvl 30 with 12atk/13hp boosts

Ardentis lvl28 with 10hp/11atk

or else :indog2 lvl 29 10hp/11atk

Add me SophieSchweinitz#1197

@shining You’re in, just add me.

We need your Ardentismaxima. Now we just need a high level healer, anyone got a Tenontorex Level 28, 29 or 30?

Even a Touramoloch?

i sent you the request.
Yes,toura is a must .
Then either we have to do: tuo/indoG2/dilo/(Ardentis/thor)
or else:Tuo/ardentis/dilo/tenonto

I got you. We are about to go in. Are you ready?
I need your Ardentismaxima

when you want,send an invite

Yes we are about to now. Be ready

We had to wake someone up.

ok,i stay one hour more.

Hey whats your name again? ingame?

hurry i need to add you

Whats your ingame name

@shining whats yoiur name? we are all waiting for your Ardentismaxima

it is akasasori1001 and some numbers:
precisly:akasasori0001010 #8180

I dont see yiou, but I accepted you. Check are we friends??

it is write: confirmation pending

Let me add you then