Anyone have an idea of what to switch out?


I always see people at levels 15 or higher, so how about all you guys lend a hand to a level 10? What should I swap out/ level up. Just seeing what others would do!


Stop leveling crap Dino’s. You could spend those coins on leveling thefinos you actually use.
How many :trophy: do you have? It will change which Dino’s are useable. For instance a overpowered velociraptor will win battles until upper Sorna Marshes. Georgousausus is great but possibly too low level for now?


I would swap
t rex for gorgo for now
Nodopato for sarco
Vraptor for stygi
Maybe stego for diplo
Just my opinion


For your collection, team building doesn’t matter. Try out everything and have fun.


to be completely honest here havent been playing too long, and I didnt check the forum before I started up until about level 8, so by the time I realized what I had done, it was too late. So now I’m stuck struggling my was to the top :joy: (believe me ive been grinding lately) and as for battling, I’m at upper badlands currently. Struggling to get out of the range of 2600-3100 trophies. (This was not my team when I was struggling, I’m even further down now) so if you have battle advice I’m all ears!!


I haven’t got too much advice for battling right now. Your team is quite different from what I had. I couldn’t make the croc work for me but now that it has the SIA it may be more useful. Your level 12 Postimetrodon could be of use maybe the immunity and speed are really helpful when the opponents have special abilities. Your :trophy: count doesn’t really matter really it’s more about improving your team. Well for me any way. Your whole team will change as you start unlocking Legendaries so keep that in mind also as you spend coins.
Also just because some one has more trophies than you or a better team, doesn’t mean they know better than you do. Believe in yourself


Of course, save your stegosauro dna for stegodeo (so you need to grind nodopatosauro), this dino will really make a difference.
And again, level dinos just to the level you need to make their hybrid.
So for example, do not level V-Raptor now, until you create Indominus Rex, you need all that dna.

Please give us also hints on what you are facing, cause a good short-term strategy is having a counter for every opponent dino.


Shucotator, Trex, Postimetrodo, Ankylocodon, Nodopato, Vraptor, Ourano and for Last Stego/Kentro. That my sugest


I’d personally have to disagree with putting Velociraptor in your team…she can be great at times, especially as a surprise if saved for the end of a match. She’s just too much of a glass cannon though, and with what I’m guessing your facing already pretty easily defeated. Otherwise, my suggestions would be the same as Janx’s, using Stego and Kentro for now with what you have.