Anyone have an over leveled Blue?

I was wondering if anyone had a really high leveled Blue and how they liked her. I usually pass her up during her events but I’m curious

I’ve got a level 17 one. Unless she’s 20+ she’s not great. I’d imagine that they will improve her being the franchise mascot kinda. Hoping :joy:

My blue is at 17 also, I’m hoping she’ll become useful at some point, somewhere! :neutral_face:

I fought a 20+ level Blue last night. Uhhhh, wasn’t expecting that. I died.

I stopped at 15, was less then impressed tbh. One slow and game over.

Mine is 20. It has good survivability but lacks in damage compared to every other raptor. Where any of my other raptors (all 20+) could down something with a pounce, Blue struggles. But the constant pounce/shield/pounce really throws people off and lets her kill things you wouldnt expect just because of the damage reduction.

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Mine is still sitting at 11. She’ll most likely stay there, unless I come into an insane amount of coin for some reason.

I have lv 16, a tanky raptor but a bit weak.
But She can survive and beat a velociraptor.
If you need a stronger raptor She is not the Best but except vélo She outspeed all raptor