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Anyone have any ideas about new tactics in the new brawl?

With so many new heroic dragons added to brawl, the battle sure is different. So how do you fight now?

I am not an expert in this field But if you find the solution, I am interested

Uh… if you say so. My “new” dragons are so far behind my first string fighters, level-wise, that I don’t use them, and… I’m not sure I’ve actually encountered them (not often, anyway) as opponents. The only real change I’ve noticed is that a bunch of defenders that now get double attacks, not just the champion C. Quaken. It’s annoying, but hasn’t really changed anything for me.

New dragons don’t seem to like using their abilities, maybe it’s because most don’t have invasive abilities, apart from bnb. So they are not much stronger on the enemy side, now I think. Sure mine are not levelled up so I don’t use them.