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Anyone have experience of playing a funny low level team with few boosts?

Hey Folks,

Anyone have experience of playing a funny low level team, 16-20, with just a few boosts?

My vision is to play competitive and enjoy those 200+ other dinos that could be used in the game.

Anyone have a list of dinos worth to look at to play more strategic and in a more relaxed way?

@Colin_Goodman @Oriondestiny @Stiffeno

I play with this team currently!

No boosts either for added challenge and OG game play

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That is what i do currently.

1/3 of my boosts are spend on the main team use in arena
2/3 spend on the most important tournament which occure at the end of the month (actually epic hybrids)

At the end,i have few maxed boosted creatures but i have a good position everywhere


Thanks for sharing!

I’m starting to get very inspired of playing the game from another perspective.

Instead of using 120.000 coins on 1 upgrade, I could get a whole team upgrade in the area of level 16-20.

Also, never feel any stress about winning or losing, when I’m at a position of having an equal team in the arena.

Anyone have examples of more playable dinos?

Find a bunch of creatures you like and go into the arena and play a bit, you will quickly learn what works and what doesn’t.

I found speed was king where I’m at, getting to go first was very handy.