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Anyone have smilonemys now?

Now that we have a chance to dart the turtle, does anyone unlock smilonemys or even lvl it up to certain lvl? I’m betting at least some will use it on maybe aviary with, again, maybe lvl 21 smilonemys

80/250 on mine. I’ve seen more than a few people on this forum have it unlocked and leveled a bit.

There have been three reports of 25 or higher; all of them highly dubious. I did see that of of the top 10 players has it at 26 as well…

Not yet but I’ve started the fusing towards it currently at 30/250. Doubt we’ll get another event so unless it becomes monthly reward I can imagine it’ll get hidden behind a pay wall.

Started fusing it - 30/250 as well; thing was a pain to dart when the target appeared on the foot! Using all my sanctuary FIPs on it as its the only thing in my dinodex not created.


Mine Carbo is lvl 19 after all 9 attempts, need to lvl it first then start fusing. Created Carbotocera on friday. Smilonemys is last missing in my dinodex.

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Have enough to lvl my carbo to 20 and to fuse 2 times for carbonemys but I’m not close to unlock him… and I didnt unlock carboceratops. Dont have the chance to live near a park or to pass near one everyday

mines a baby yet…Screenshot_20191012-160200_JW%20Alive


As I showed in other thread I have level 25 atm and will try to get to level 26 from my leftover Carbo DNA (when the fuses rate improves on my account; now I am at 10s and 20s fuses streak). And in that thread people just start saying its not possible.

I say its very possible if you are dedicated enough, like I just checked and few in top leaderboard have level 27/26 smilonemys.

BTW on 2nd note I today alone found 2x of Carbo in around 1 hour time I spent in Zuiderpark, Den Haag, NL. One was near the main entrance and 2nd was more towards the opposite side exit.

You can probably book the best successes in big parks like this. The ones in my city (Utrecht) are usually just a few hundred meters long and wide, the total amount of spawns you find there is like 10. The chance of one being a carbo is small. I’ll keep trying but with night time setting in earlier and earlier every day my window after work hours is very narrow!


How have u guys got it already lol

Lots of park visits, lots of sanctuary FIP’ing and of course a good round of the 9 from this weekend.
Got mine to 19 (+150dna). With 200 per fuse and 600 left to lvl20 it’s going to take for-e-vaaar

Wow. That’s awesome

I’m just starting to get back on track.

You were gone? :slight_smile:

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Agreed, I really have good luck with bigger parks like I spend most of the time in or around Zuiderpark, park(s) in Schievengen (where you even can drive through most of it), Park den burgh and Overvoorde. I keep finding Carbo.

Though NY visit was good one, I really liked it, but couldn’t stay there more.

I’m at 10/250 with mine…I live close to a national forest, but I have yet to see one spawn in the wild :disappointed:

lol same with me

Got mine a while ago courtesy of my alliance

I’ve been relentlessly (obsessively?) hunting the turtle since it was introduced.