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Anyone have the Top 500 Season 6 results?


I assumed Ludia would archive all the seasons winners somewhere, but all I could find was some unofficial metahub results for season 2 which only had the top 50.
If it’s out there I’m having a difficult time finding it.
(I’ll even take unofficial player made screen shots)

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Nah man, they treat all game stats and data analytics like they’re part of colonel sanders secret recipe. Don’t hold your breath for that to change if the past is any indication.


You mean this? Ps if so Ludia posts more info on twitter than in these forums rofl


I think he meant the entire Top 500 results.
Due to the spoofers ban, the final result might have some significant changes with people ranked beyond 500 might now come within top 500 and eligible for higher tier rewards.

Since there was no Beyond 500 leaderboard, no way to know who made it and who could not!


@Beast They actually have that on the season 6 announcement of all places.


That was what prompted me to look for the top 500’s, but alas I can’t find any complete history for any season. (Which just strikes me as really weird) I will screen shot Season 7 though.


None of the 2 best players run Indo, I would have never expected that


Level 30 Magna is definitely better than Indoraptor. Same speed and no need to rely on RNG.


Not counting all the lucky incubators to get you one


Alot of top players dont use indo

Only 4/top 10 currently