Anyone having problems with the free Dino bucks (it’s rigged with traps of fake “you won 1,000 dollars”) and more


Every time I try to save money by doing the free program (doing the so called fast and safe program it brings up a thing saying “you won 1,000 dollars free come and claim it on our site” it automatically brings me into their site And there’s no way of going back except to close the page and then I can just go back into the quiz and try again but it would just come back up so Therefore it’s impossible to get a free 98 Dino bucks therefore it’s impossible to get a free 98 Dino bucks

It’s not only the program some of the other free Dino bucks things are trash too I completed the clash of clans defeating a level two monster and I didn’t get the 2,000 Dino bucks it promised me😱

So I might as well just buy the $20 Dino bucks crate and waste My money on this game

Your thoughts anyone?


If you don’t get the bucks after completing the offer then u need to wait the alloted time and then click email tapjoy with proof you’ve completed the offer.

Ive had plenty of bucks off them after submitting a ticket.


Yeah. Stay away from the surveys. That’s why you’re getting stupid pop-up ads and browser redirects. No money is gained from these, because there literally is no way to complete the requirements for earning cash this way.

Instead, if you must do things the hard way…

Do only the ones that require you to download and run a game, or play a game until “x” level. Those don’t cause a flurry of spam email or pop-up ads from hell to hit your browser. They might not be worth much each, but that does add up over time.

Don’t expect a free ride. You just have to be smart and realize that the easier it sounds to complete (ex: a Wendy’s Survey), the further and further away you get from it because it keeps throwing ads in your face and diverting you to new surveys that you have to complete… it’s a mobiüs loop of anger.


I played a game to get to lvl 10 and I got to lvl 7 on it and it wanted me to pay money to get more resources to continue, the lvl ones that are on the free buck option are not easy and probably all require your time and eventually they want some money


That might be true, but it doesn’t leave you hanging in limbo like those dodgy surveys.


I would also if possible take a screenshot of it. So you can document what is happening and then be able to contact support and you have proof of what is happening.


I did do that it still doesn’t work


Hey Linda_Crossley, if you’re still having an issue after contacting Tapjoy, our support team might be able to help you. Contact them here at, including your support key, the email address you used to contact Tapjoy, and the Tapjoy ticket reference number in your email. However, our team have been receiving a lot more tickets lately so it might take some time for them to get back to you.


yes alot of surveys and free dino buck things besides 1 buck vids are a scam because most games that give you bucks dont actually give it to you. I did the dino quiz and got nothing


For me, I have had great success in redeeming the watch video for couple of bucks and the install and run app/max complete quick tutorial offers. The bucks get credited after I complete the action and then come back to the JWA App. Note: I keep the JWA App running/do not close while I complete the offer.

I tried a couple of offers promising bucks for reaching certain levels and those didn’t seem to work. In short, I stay away from the high bucks offers and surveys.
If anyone has had good success with the bigger offers, please do let us know which one was that and when did the bucks get credited (immediately/after 24hr/after submitting tickets).