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Anyone interested in a low-key alliance check out Fading Fast

Hi everyone. After leaving the game in November last year, I came back about a week ago to see what had changed recently. The changes due to Covid with Giga scents and dart packs are interesting enough that I decided to stick around for a bit and start a new alliance, Fading Fast. The guidelines are low-key, no rules, be friendly, all are welcome. We’ll never hit the top rewards or sanctuaries, but if you’re just starting out and trying to decide if this is a game you’d like to play a lot before joining a more competitive alliance, a launch day player like myself who moved on to other things and wants to dip a toe back in, or somewhere in between feel free to join us and contribute as little or much as you want each week.

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I can highly recommend this new alliance!

Lilly will make a great leader and is an experienced player that understands every aspect of the game. If you are under the “high demand” player level, just starting out or just want to take a step back and play as you wish this is a perfect choice!

Sounds interesting :slight_smile: Would like to give this alliance a try, my alliance leader has been mia for a while, with less than 10 active members playing, so has been looking around for a new one.

Completes daily missions, opens daily incubator, like to dart dinos, 10 takedowns should be fine. I understand there are no rules, just providing a snapshot of my playing rate haha.

My current rank

Hi, sure come check us out and yes you would be the highest ranked player so far. The alliance is only at 11 members currently and was started last weekend. I’m around 5000 trophies with a team of lvl 23 - 27, the next highest has a team of lvl 22 - 24, the remaining members are mostly just starting out. As of right now we’re at rank 4 exploration, rank 1 defense this week so set your weekly dna expectation accordingly and apparently none of us like spending time in the arena. Personally, with the giga scents and cheap dart packs I’ve been spending most of my in game time darting everything that moves and swapping out this for Pogo on daily walks. One or two more higher level players and we can probably take on raids, but I’m not stressing about it.

If that sounds too much like your current alliance, I would highly recommend Kodiakhunter1’s alliance as an alternative. They are awesome, I joined them briefly before I stopped playing last November. There are many other long standing, great alliances and since the player base seems to be shrinking there is no reason to stay in one that is going inactive.

Good luck and have fun :slight_smile:

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Haha ok I understand abt the arena part, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I still play arena, just not too bothered abt climbing ranks.

Since I came back I’ve experienced a lot of connection issues in the rare tournament and the one regular battle I tried, so I’m waiting until after this weekend for the next monthly one to start then try battling again, might as well get a little extra reward dna next month. Back in the day I used hover right around the top 500 mark, even made it into the top 100 during the chaos that was boosts 1.0 which is not too shabby for a free to play player, but I think I’m pretty battled out at this point tbh unless the arena mechanics change significantly, but they can’t change significantly since too much real money has been spent on boosts. I’m not sure the newer players realize the need for arena exclusive dna when growing your team, but that’s easy info to pass along.

Wow tats quite impressive, yea boosts really upended the arena, it’s a whole new way of playing now compared to preboost era, besides creating arena dinos, have to consider raid dinos as well. Resources have to be better managed to get results in both areas. Btw just wanted to say I’ve joined an alliance, and thanks for sharing what your alliance is like, appreciate it. Keep playing and have fun!

Congrats on the new alliance DJAlz, hope you continue to enjoy the game.

We’re at 14 members now, so plenty of room for anyone else interested in joining.

Hi I see that you guys have about 11 members or so. I am in an alliance that has a sister alliance… each is looking for 4-5 players so I was wondering if you all would be interested in joining up with us.

Here is what I tell ppl interested in our alliance-

I am with IslaNublarTimeshareCo. We are a big alliance with active players. We have a rule of no 0 trophy count (and remove if not playing. ) we usually get 10/8 alliance missions and are level 8 on the tournament missions right now, so we encourage everyone to play the tournament.

We have two level 20 sancs that give out a lot of dna. (So we ask NOT to place any dinos in sanctuaries without permission). And do not create a new sanctuary- this might sound strange but it is the best way to get the most dna possible. If you are interested please let me know so we can get you added ASAP. Just let me know if those rules are ok with you and if you have any questions.

My game name is Amy #8464

Let me know what you think about merging. We could get great rewards working together.

I meant we are each looking for about 5 players - so 10 or so total. We work closely with other alliances too so we can get everyone in to a good spot.

Hi, thank you for the offer. I’ll post to the in-game chat for the group since I’m not sure if any visit the forum and will get back to you soon. We’ve made it to 15 members now and might hit 7 explore (it’s doable, but since we’re under a day left it will be close) and 3 defense (done). I’ve been in much larger alliances before with rules around daily play and sanctuary interaction and can’t deny the increased rewards those groups can offer, but I’m still not sure I want to come back as a daily player. The past week has been fun darting everything in sight with giga scents, this weekend tournament without boosts has been enjoyable, but restarting the game frequently due to the long-standing bugs in chat or battle connection issues brings back memories of why I stopped playing. We’ll let you know soon.

A quick update. Based on the feedback I received, we’re going to not disband the alliance, but we would like to continue to grow. In our first full week we reached level 7 explore, level 3 defense, so while we cannot offers the rewards of the top alliances we can offer a relaxed style of play for players of all levels. We’re at 18 members currently so plenty of open spaces.

One last post, we’ve grown to 44 members with 6 open slots left for players of all levels, no rules, play as much or as little as you want. For DNA expectations, we’re currently at L7 Explore, L5 Defense this week with a pretty good chance of +1 for both before the week ends. There are a lot of new players to the game, half our members have not qualified to play in the weekly tournaments yet so I would expect fairly minimal alliance rewards for this month.

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