Anyone know of a live dino tracking ok or possibility to try and find your favorite dino?


Im trying to help my lady find her fave dino any help or points in the right direction will help. Thank you


I suggest using metahub they have the places where all dinos usually are😊


Hopefully trackers aren’t possible in this game. They ruined pokemon go.


Which one is her favorite?


Her fav is the dilophosaurus, she hasnt been able to find any to unlock it. She works long hours and is mostly unable to dino hunt because of that.Pokémon go’s trackers were full of bugs and inaccurate for our lil family. JWA is way better than poke and im sure if it’s done right it will be good for everyone not just those who would want to cheat. I know the 3 of us in our family our enjoying playing JWA without cheats. But if there were a way to look and see if you can find your fav not cheat. But to unlock the ones you don’t already have. That would be awesome! I cn wish and hope but that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.


Based on YouTube and my own hunts find an area, usually residential, with parasaurolophus and lythronax during the day. You might find a dilophosaurus with them but you have a better chance at night. Also dilophosaurus have two versions a rare and a common. Good luck on your hunts :blush:


How so? Pokémon go is great. It went through a time where the creators were useless but it’s much better now and I played it again today. Much better than this scam of a game


Honestly, what hasn’t ruined that game, lol? I don’t play it, but I keep up with it from other sources. With this game still being new, a tracker now may not be the best option, but possibly later down the line.


You don’t really have to spend real cash that much to progress in PoGo.
JWA… wait until your mons reach L15 - L20… :sweat_smile:
You’ll get a severe headache to find coins to level up you team…


Thankfully Niantic have currently managed to disable trackers again which is great although it’s a constant battle against the cheats.

When trackers are in operation people can easily discover the locations of 100% IV pokemon or very rare pokemon and spoof there to get them.

Kills the fun as far as I’m concerned.


Well my lady has now got both gens of her fav dino due some good pew pewing and three days of driving around town to find em. Thank you all for your insights.


You are probably in a city where local spawns aren’t the one including dilopho. You just need to search a city / part of it with Litronace spawning anytime and Parasaurolofo in the day, and then here it is the right place to bring your family for hunting. Rare dilopho will spawn anytime, dilopho gen 2 only at night.

Thus, I don’t know if this is a metropolitan legend, but it seems that some dinos are attracted to some particular human building (this is working for velo in my city, always near the post office) so try also to find out on google maps the beauty salons and go near it to hopefully find her fav dino.

I think this method is better than to have a detailed live map, so also cheater need to search, not being spoon-fed.


Two rare Dilo actually spawned a little over 400m away from each other on my hunt last night.