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Anyone know the stats of a 20 galimemus


I already have a 18 monomimus and enough DNA to level Galli to 20! I am wondering if it’s worth holding onto forever my 20,000 galli dna as monoplasaurus has gone missing or just level it to 20

Btw I am 100% certain that as soon as I do this they will have a monoplasaurus event(level galli)

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Did someone say gallimimus?



Thank you for that information


It’s rumoured that the event next week is mono so hold on until at least Sunday when they announce.

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Thanks I will!!


Also maybe read that full thing before jumping down peoples throats the level 20 stats are on it :joy:


You never have enough galliminus :sweat_smile:


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No way is that 20 level 16 is only 737 attack


Oh good grief, click on the link scroll down it gives you them all in order from 0-30. The ones at the top are level 26.

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Thanx level 20 ain’t so great


My bad!!! :joy::joy::joy:


what would you even do with a lvl 20 gallimimus?


Holy Hanna! And I thought I had allot!


It was a pretty tough customer at low levels in the strike events! I figured what the heck! I ain’t getting Monoplasaurus! I basically decided not to level up anything anymore because ludia has this habit of making hybrids out of cowpies so you never know!

Next update they may create a new unique using galli

Better off to hang on to the excess


I think they’re more likely to make a unique using monomimus as the ingredient.