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Anyone know what hyrbrid won the anniversary poll

Hi so I recently rememberd the anniversary hybrid poll and was wondering which hybrid won it so i came here to ask


A hybrid won, that’s all you need to know.


I hope it was that carno indominus hybrid. It looked so cool.


Bro same he looks dope

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Is that really even a question? Indotaurus most likely won.


Yes it is a question, but the answer is “whatever Ludia actually decides won”.


same, but i’m still trying to level scorpious. i’m gonna be out of carno completely

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oh for sure! i’ve been debating leveling SR3 up or not over the carno. I have a nice bit but still i just don’t know.

Pretty sure that Alankylosaurus ran away with like a third of the vote. Indotaurus came in second, then the Scuto-Forest-God and a tie between the Cobra and Tsintao hybrid.

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cobra did look cool too.

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I’m guessing it was either the indotaurus or the Titanaboa hybrid, alot of people liked the overall look of the frilled cobra-snake and i can’t blame them.

I have high hope for my boy alankylo.
Cant get exited about the other hybrids.

I am hoping all of them will get added into the game somewhere in the future (don’t care when) and not just left to collect dust! :crossed_fingers:


I do hope they get added, but personally I really don’t see the appeal with Indotaurus. It’s a horned Indominus with I’m gonna be honest not great coloration. You have mostly gray in the front, with a little bit of white, and more to the rear you have a bit of burnt orange surrounded by gray hues. The head looks menacing though, I’ll give it that. But with the design, at least to me it’s meh. It’s like they forgot that yellow was on the Indom Gen 2, and just slapped in a little bit of orange.

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We just need carno Gen 2 that came camouflage like in the original lost world book. That would be great. That and Toro after being burnt.


I think it’s confirmed that Indotaurus won now (‘Twas found in the Gamepress datamine).

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Indotaurus probley the best choice …

Nah it was the worst choice

Alanky needed a hybrid yet missed it

Titacaulus could’ve helped against a swap meta

Scutomoceros had a chance to be a great unique

Tsinatolophus (I think that’s what it was called) idk

But the top 3, missed opportunities for a shiny indo hybrid that just uses more carno dna


Not even shiny, it’s rather dull. Also GG in that tournament battle.

Perhaps we have them later