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Anyone know when the 2.9 Update drops?

Does anybody know when the update drops? I guess I just sort of assumed that it would happen soon because of the GP datamine about a week ago but I haven’t heard anything more. Has there been a news bulletin that I have missed or is everybody still in the dark?

No news yet, but as others have said, it can possibly come after the release of the apex snek, hydraboa


Thinking patch notes this Friday then update next Tuesday

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Probably before August 5, considering a raid is supposed to debut that day for a creature that is not yet in the game.


I would say the update would come out after hydraboa comes out.

Title screen?

What am I missing?

Pretty sure Hydraboa is in the game already, just not released…

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You are missing the new sloth. August 5. It’s in the New Creatures section of the datamine.

Hydraboa is August 1.

Woah. Didn’t realize we’re getting dates on the datamines now. :grimacing:

It’s been different for the past couple updates because they started putting the actual patch notes text into the code (before, patch notes would just be posted on the forums). The patch notes always include the start date for new raids, and these ones specify August 5.

Of course, they could easily change that line if the update’s taking longer than expected to finish. If they don’t change it, I’m kind of expecting patch notes posted on the forums on Friday July 30 and the game update on Tuesday August 3, after Hydraboa’s release but before the sloth’s.


damn megalonyx is a sloth… i thought it would be baryonx type apex, i was looking forward to a high level RTC dino other than tryo :confused:


What they mean is the Hydraboa raid appearing in game. Yes the Hydraboa is technically already in the game just can’t do the Raid yet.

I suspect the release notes will be this Friday or next Friday. There’s no reason it won’t come before the Hydraboa raid starts.

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I think if the changes that have been talked about from the data mine are going to be implemented in the next update, then given past history it’ll be 3.0 not 2.9 , any major overhaul & move changes usually result in a number change, like 1.14 went straight to 2.0 , but if not then expect 2.9 to be a smaller update with the major one later.

I doubt the Resilient changes would result in 3.0. That’s not a major overhaul like 2.0 was.


Depends, from my understanding of the data mine it involves changes across all the classes of dinos, they might only tweak a few dinos or make radical changes across the board as in 2.0

You’re missing Hidra Boa. Card shows grey until you have an encounter with the creature.

In this case it’s until you beat Hydraboa, not just encounter.

I knew this, but was questioning a different point. Thanks though.