Anyone know which Event dinos coming next week?

Hopefully usefull dinos…this week was a fail


This week was a fail? All that kentro dna I got this weekend was amazing. I might be able to create the t-rex unique now if I can ever get enough coins. There were valuable dinos out this week.


Also that toujin was really helpful, it has two uniques hybrids.
This was a fine week


I agree. This week was really only a fail if you couldn’t get out and dart those two dinos.


Not complaining about it because more time spent and effort could’ve made up for it, but I only got to dart 12/30 Tuos because the event spawns had so many other rares. Kept thinking I’d get to use all 30 on Tuos but had a harder time finding them than expected. A wild Tuo got mine to 19 this morning but my paramoloch is sitting at 20 with enough to evolve to 21 now. Wait or work on leveling ParaM and use Tuo for the other which will be even farther out?

Same. I didn’t even get 12 tuo. I got maybe half that. I couldn’t find any. But any was better than none. I think i can get mine to level 20 now. If i can get any coins :joy:


I wasn’t impressed with this week’s dinosaurs. The only ones I specifically went for were Kentrosaurus and Wuerhosaurus (and that because it was my lowest level dinosaur).

We got the best possible ones that almost everyone would want last week …
Not too upset with this weeks since it’s only fair every Dino gets its turn (even you koola)

Fingers crossed for an armored event though… i think that’s the only one that we haven’t seen in a while

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i completed all 30 attempts for tuo although shes somewhat common in my area. still have 4 kentro to do. wast thinking about doing koola jic it gets a hybrid.

I unlocked 2 uniques this week because of the event. Was waiting for this one to show up again

Fair bit of Stego and all 30 Tuo … may have been one Wuer … although a fair few were at distance; maxed Kentro. Can take my Tuo from L16 to mid L19 … close to the L20 needed for hybrids. Certainly wouldn’t call the week a fail … one for the long game …

I’m in exactly the same situation as you. Paramoloch ready to level to 21. Decided to wait it out.



Finally very good news! Gonna go for Anky (8) and Sino (7)! :scream::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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That is a much better week ahead of us. Ankylosaurus and Sinoceratops here I come!!!

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Tasty end to next week! Need some Ankylosaurus…mainly for Trykosaurus, of course, but still! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ankylo week

Great news, that should be another two legendaries ticked off this week :slight_smile: