Anyone know why a unique doesn't have a damaging counter when 3 of its 4 counterparts do

This dino had no shields, seriously. its an anklyosaur hybrid.


Balance reasons i’d imagine, given that it can buff its own attack, and has 2 damage reducing moves and a counter that stops evasion and shields , can’t be stunned or distracted itself i think being able to shield itself would be too much.


ok, but it needs a damaging counter at least

For me remove some resistance and reduce it atk to 1000 so it will balance if it gets damage counter attack

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It has precise shattering counter. That breaks shields goes through armour and evasive abilities.

@Coconut_crab its base damage is already at 1000


I mean official one

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Even if you reduced its damage slightly its moveset still allows it to hit pretty hard without a damaging counter.

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this creature should be amazing. it has an exclusive epic, an amazing legendary. its predecessors have shields, shield breaking, decleration, counter attacks, heavy distraction and atack buff. the fact that ludia somehow made this creature bad is crazy and they probably did it on purpose. diploventator has a lot of fans and they did his hybrid dirty.

Dude, this isn’t a bad hybrid, I’d say high elite for this, it works well, but doesn’t have high enough output for tyrant

Are you talking about the official version of Antarctovenator? The one with no turn-1 distraction multiplier move and a non-damaging counter coupled with an almost useless attack-buffing move and poor stats?

Yes, exactly that

It’s got decent bulk, a solid kit, and while null counter sounds bad, it’s actually pretty solid, especially on a cunning

What would it do well against? It doesn’t even beat Thor.

I’m wondering why it has that instant ferocity move when it doesn’t even have a damaging counter?

It could be really good if it had a little more armor from pelta and an actual damaging counter. Or maybe swap it’s cunning strike with SV.

It’s kit as it stands does not have any cohesion, but it’s stats and resistances are definitely solid.

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It does beat Magna more often that not, but that isn’t enough on its own

It seems more of a revenge killer than an actual 1v1, specifically revenge killing the tanks that plague the higher arenas. Then it could DR into DSI for a solid comboe

I kind of miss the definite strike and precise counter. It makes more sense for the superhybrid to have them than Diplovenator since it’s hybridized with a resilient.

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Remove Swap In Distract & replace Nullifying Counter with Medium Precise Shattering Counter. I do think a full damage Precise Shattering Counter could be a bit strong on it, but to have no counter move at all? That’s kind of silly

At least it’s better than the other unique… that thing is an atrocity

no it should have a full damaging counter. it would only do like 3,000 on a rampage or 4,500 with a counter-attack.

2600 on Rampage if it hasn’t used Ferocity, which it should do if it can. That would bring it to 3900, which combined with a full-power counterattack would be 5850… a pretty crazy amount of damage, especially considering the only things that can really do anything about it are dodges (which are inconsistent) and armor (which Antarcto can just swap to Impact and deal 4875–still plenty to deal with most stuff that has the armor to actually tank through 5850 damage, like turtles). Keep in mind that it’s faster than most Fierce creatures that actually have the capacity to two-tap it, is faster than most Resilients & can shrug off a couple of hits from most, and it has the health pool & distract resist to deal with Cunning, which would definitely pose an issue if it could swap in and be guaranteed a smooth 3250 damage minimum due to CA+DSI

If it didn’t have that Ferocity move, I’d 100% agree, but with the Ferocity, a full counter might be a little too good considering the rest of the kit