Anyone knows next weeks featured dinosaurs?

Will they be the new ones or they will repeat one from the past?


Not impressed. At least I will not have to travel so much to dart as choices are limited

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Kinda disappointed but yes since it’s holiday weekend for most it’s kinda good to know you’re not missing out on much if you don’t walk all around. Plus I’m guessing the update will happen over holiday so maybe that’s why they’re not making a big week of featured?

Thanks. Im happy for the free gallis…not writing monomimus off just jet :rooster: :sweat_smile:
Dimetrodon is fine, but at the weekend will be less action

Common: Gallimimus and Dimetrodon Gen 2
Rare: Dimetrodon
Epic: Postimetrodon

These are pretty much the ones worth getting.

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Another disappointing week. Part of me really expected that we would see the new 1.5 dinosaurs come up.

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Ah okay. So, Galli and Dime G2, Rare Dime and Ornitho, and Posti are my targets.

You can never have too much Galli DNA. I can finally have my go for rare Dime since she decides to be scarce in the map. And I still have hope for an Ornitho hybrid – whether it be Epic, Legendary, or Unique. Can’t give all the love to Galli :wink::laughing:

Posti will be my only choice - the update has not made a hybrid for Seco… THAT tells you I have learned nothing :joy:… But I’m still salty that Grypo got a friggin unique hybrid for it, after I decide to not dart the ugly thing :expressionless::upside_down_face:

But yeah, I’m going for my next Legendary, and I want it to be Tryo. Sure I still need Bary, but with the update, I hope to be able to farm Bary and get what I need :blush::blush::blush::smile:

What does people think of the new speical event week? Why no baryonix love ludia?

18 dimetrodon, yes please!

So magnapyritator or however it’s spelled. Decent or waste of money? I’ll have enough for it this week

After the update i hear he ain’t so good

Yeah i hpe too ornito gets a hybrid…they could combine it with monomimus for a unique with a bit more hp :smile::turkey:

Magna is amazing! Great speed, good move set and she can’t be slowed, distracted or bled. Her biggest problem is her health. It’s crap! Was hoping 1.5 would improve it as it’s the only thing it needs to make her a true top tier Dino. And seeing how hard the ingredients are to acquire and evolve/level up. It would make sense to give her a bit more health.

What exactly would the moveset be? If anything, I can see an increase of health and the additional move Hit-and-Run… Or if they want to piss people off, Rampage-and-Run.

Smack! They ded xD

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Farm me? And what do those emojis mean?!

The moveset would be a monomimus, without the nullifying, and with ALOT of dodging indeed…

You know, I’d be a bit more interested in a Tanycolagreus mixing with it.

Tanymimus… Ornithogreus… Ornilagreus…

Or maybe Ornithomimus mixed with… Spinosaurus. Evasive mixed with bleeding… And a switch out move to boot.

They should’ve add Tryostoniks as a one attempt on Sunday :sweat_smile:

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Very nice, I can always use Dimetrodon and Posti.

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