Anyone knows other way of getting Trex dna?


Not easy getting their dna and even worse trying to find one. Any other way excluding buying those expensive incubators? I am trying to create an Indoraptor and one needs Trex dna to do that but they are ultra rare.

Trex , epic

I’ve seen 3 today all seem to be by a park or close to a strike event hope it helps :+1:t3:


It is like 1 or 2 that I see each week and they are almost out of range. I just got on reddit and it seems that after the 1.3 update, TRex has been bumped from Arena 4 to Arena 7. I am henceforth losing all my battles to get down there to farm the TRex incubators. Might not be much but it helps.


I still need 280 points befor I can move up to get t-Rex dna but some times I’m lucky and find it in the wild if I’m faster then it disappeares witch is 1 in 3 :joy::joy: some times I miss them all :frowning:


Let us know how it goes (dropping to Arena 7). When I was there (post 1.3 update), I don’t remember getting T-Rex DNA even once. Now in Arena 8, I might have received T-Rex DNA a couple of times.

Other than buying incubators, there come park events, strike events from time to time when you can get Rex DNA. Like I am glad I focussed on T-Rex instead of Pyroraptor during one of the last Park Events.

As for hunting, hunting during day/dusk and searching restaurants have given me better chances of finding T-Rex compared to other Epics.


I know the feels. Im hanging around 4500 trophies and only have a 18 indom :joy:


They spawn at restaurant’s.


I haven’t seen one for weeks and they never come up in my incubators either. I don’t think Ludia want me to have an Indominus. :frowning:


Three of them just per half hour :grin:


You get incubator rewards from all past arenas up to your current arena. I get T-rex DNA from incubators somewhat often in Jurassic Ruins.


arena 7 used to give me alot of trex dna.


T-Rex is for staff bonus so please don’t ask for it in the wild.


What I did is to stop TRex at level 15 and use all its dna to get Indominus. Used to be quite a few TRex around so I levelled up my Indominus to Level 20 and now aiming for Indoraptor which requires 250 dna just to create it. Nowadays the TRex is becoming really rare around where I hunt. That dino is fast and even with VIP (+30%) I can only manage to obtain 90+ dna. Most of the time it escapes before the countdown ends.


Sneak in the truck where they locked in the T-Rex while that thing falls into deep sleep, carefully and quietly extract its blood, and get ready to run for your life at any time.


Pretty much everyone I battle in Sorna marshes has indominus at decent levels (17 - 20)
I only have my rex at 15 and only see one every couple of weeks :frowning:


Tried that and woke the TRex up. Had a long conversation with it and the TRex asked me why I didn’t just buy it from Amazon.


Does he take green budget as an explanation?:yum:


My Rex is level 14 and I need to get a bit more DNA to level it.


What do you mean by staff bonus?


I don’t know if you can actually map dinos spawns, I’ve seen all dinos everywhere. Not sure if Ludia put them in certain areas, i saw a T-Rex at the airport in the parking lot in my town and in the side of the road down my city’s main road.